Triple Your Nintendo Switch's Storage For $25

Image: Australia Post

Whether you get a Switch now, later in the year, or next year, you're going to want some extra storage for it. And considering you'll want at least a 32GB or 64GB microSD card, that makes this $25 offer from Australia Post worth a look.

It was advertised in the postal service's catalogue earlier this week, which I found in my mailbox. It's a Emtec 64GB microSDXC card with an adaptor (helpful if you want to copy your screenshots to PC) for $24.99. The price itself isn't that outstanding - you can get similar offers from specialist retailers - but it does have the advantage of being available from Australia Post, which has a hell of a lot more outlets in the real world than a PC store would.

You can use this link to search for a nearby Aussie Post outlet that might have it in stock. You can also load up the Aussie Post catalogue directly and click on the microSDXC card.

(One note: until you apply the day one patch, the Switch won't be able to utilise microSDXC cards. But given that patching is the first thing anyone does when they boot up a new console these days, you shouldn't have too much trouble.)

The deal is available until March 19, which should give you plenty of time to stock up. The 32GB SanDisk USB 3.0 for $15 is a pretty damn good offer too; you can never have enough USB 3.0 sticks, I find.


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