Twitch Is Marathoning 23 Seasons Of Power Rangers Next Week

Since its 1993 Western debut, the Power Rangers series has produced 23 complete seasons of television. In celebration of the upcoming live-action movie, Twitch is streaming every single episode in one massive 16-day marathon, kicking off Wednesday, March 15.

You'll want to start planning which of the 831 (they aren't doubling up on the original/re-version of the first series) episodes you want to watch with the Twitch community now, because there's no way you'll be able to watch them all. The marathon begins with the good old Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on Tuesday at 6AM AEDT, with the last episode of Dino Super Charge closing things out on March 31. Fans will also want to keep a couple of hours free to catch the theatrical film, which releases on March 23 in Australia.

The stream goes live at 6AM Pacific on Wednesday on the Twitch Presents channel. 


    I'm confused as to why this article isn't pinned to the goddamn top of Kotaku. This is the most important news of the year!

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