VR Schoolgirl Turned Into Life-Sized $31,000 Figure

VR Schoolgirl Turned Into Life-Sized $31,000 Figure

In Namco Bandai’s VR game Summer Lesson, the player is the tutor of schoolgirl Hikari Miyamoto. But that’s the virtual world! Now, they can have a real, life-sized Hikari statue to… put in their living room?

[Image: Bandai]

(Image: Dengeki Hobby)

[Image: Dengeki Hobby]

I guess?

According to Dengeki Hobby and Game Impress Watch, the highly detailed, 160cm Hikari is produced by a high-precision 3D printer, costs 2.7 million yen ($31,000), and comes with a 10 to 15 minute CD message as well as letter from her.

(Image: Game Impress Watch)

[Image: Game Impress Watch]

(Image: Bandai)

[Image: Bandai]

Before buying the Hikari statue, Bandai asks you to check to make sure you have a place to put her as well as to consult with your family members and to check your wallet. 

(Image: Bandai)

[Image: Bandai]

You know, to make sure you have 31 grand to spend on a schoolgirl statue and that doing so won’t piss them off.


  • Seriously, if I went to someones house and they had that… I’d probably walk the hell out straight away for some reason.

  • Do people that are interested in this sort of thing really have that much money to waste on a 3D-printed statue?
    I mean seriously, that’s more than I’ve saved for a house deposit…

  • It’s just another statue. There’s plenty of super expensive statues out there of the female form that cashed up rich folks get all the time.

    But yeah, this one is plastic. It would be a different story if it was made from marble.

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