Watch AMD’s Vega Reveal Right Here

Watch AMD’s Vega Reveal Right Here
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If you’ve been waiting to see what the pinnacle of AMD’s graphics cards look like, you’re about to find out. The company is using this year’s Game Developers Conference as a platform to lift the lid on their Vega GPUs, and you can watch the livestream right here.

Called AMD Capsaicin & Cream – capsaicin is the component in chilli that adds that extra kick – the event becoming a regular event for AMD. They’re expected to showcase a range of games, as well as AMD’s efforts with VR. AMD also announced a “long-term” strategic partnership with Bethesda earlier this morning, and it would be odd if they didn’t at least mention that, or outline more of what that means, during the livestream.

You can watch the full event below, which kicks off in a few minutes. What are you expecting to see – and more importantly, how good do you think the Vega GPUs will be? (I reckon they’ll be numbered RX 500-something, with performance comparable to or better than a GTX 1070 for about $US350-399.)


  • I get the Capsaicin reference, AMD wants spicy developers but whats with the cream?! there was no reference to why on their website

  • If you’ve been waiting to see what the pinnacle of AMD’s graphics cards look like, you’re about to find out.

    I thought the event was already over, and they only announced that codename Vega’s retail name will be… Vega (Radeon RX Vega ***). No specs or dates were announced?

    Or am I missing something?

  • I am in the boat of supporting AMD not because I like their products (I have a terrible history of failing AMD/ATI parts), but because them growing in popularity is the cause of Nvidia changing some of their pricing strategies and hopefully Intel in the long run too.

    • im in the boat of supporting amd/ATI beause i have had the same set up for the last 9 years and still use it to this day and have had little to no driver issues. AND because i despise the business practices of both INTEL and Nvidia with their anti competitive behaviour and i am also sick of seeing them monopolise the market.

      • Fair enough, its all about consumer experience. You might be fine with them, but I live in a very dusty area of Australia and they didn’t seem to like it at all.

      • I support whomever produces a good product which will benefit me irrespective of their practices and personally haven’t any issues with either of the four brands.

        • There’s merit to the pragmatic approach and I tend towards it myself. I do care about proper competition in the CPU and GPU markets, but I’m not going to give the weaker side (whoever that may be at the time) a charity handout if their product is inferior. The only way for proper long-term competition is for both companies to make actually competitive hardware, not to buy less optimal gear to prop up the underdog.

          I don’t fault people for including politics in their purchasing decisions at all, of course. I do it myself with certain companies. I just think that needs to be a personal choice and not a campaign.

  • i can respect that point of view, and it makes sense. as with somethings, i will defintely pay and support a company for a what i percieve as a superior product. Samsung for example, i find their phones to be top of the line and of high quality (save the note 7 jokes, baring the battery, no phone has been able to match capabilities since that suit my needs), i know as a company they’re suspect with some of their practices and i do tend to turn a bit of a blind eye i guess. maybe its hypocritical for me to be that way with some manufacturers and not others, but its all ive got to go with right now.
    i do like the point you made about making companies actually produce competitive hardware to garner support. i really do hope AMD nail their latest releases. and that they anticipated the 1080Ti and still have something in their back pocket that is truly comparable and a better price point. but as with every tech release, time will tell, and ill have to make my decision later down the track when im financially able and there is a better point of view on the landscape.

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