Watch This Aussie Woman Paint Link And Epona On Herself

Image: @Georginaryland

Painting takes an awful lot of talent at the best of times. But this spin on Link and Epona from Breath of the Wild is something else.

It's the creation of Georgina Ryland, a Brisbane-based painter, artist and make up specialist. She's done some incredibly detailed body art before, spending five hours painting Hogwarts at night onto her body, and shots of the Millennium Falcon escaping from the Death Star.

?Battle of Endor ? . The full time lapse of this look is now up on YouTube! Check it out by clicking the link in the bio ? on a tangent, does anyone have any recommendations for film lights? I'm shopping around as mine keep fading too early ? ☺️ Featuring: ⭐️ @mehronmakeup Paradise Paints in Black, White, Teal, Lime, Dark Green and Orange ⭐️ @inglot_australia 110R, 63, 351 Freedom Eyeshadows, HD Foundation, Sparkling Dust 7, 76 Gel Liner (half the clouds was this, it sucked to remove haha) ⭐️ @sugarpill Tako, Bulletproof, Mochi, Kim Chi, Acidberry ⭐️ @katvondbeauty Lock It Powder Foundation L45, Shade and Light Palette, Trooper Tattoo Liner, Witches Liquid Lipstick ⭐️ @meltcosmetics Fixated eyeshadow ⭐️ @houseoflashes Pixie Luxe lashes ⭐️ @covergirl Dark Side Mascara Hair is @gooddyeyoung ✨ #georginaryland #starwars #millenniumfalcon

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Her latest one: Link and Epona, a process that took six hours. You can watch a timelapse of the process below.

I wish I could draw better for ScribbleTaku, let alone do something this good. You can see more of Ryland's work on her Instagram, or Youtube channel.


    Meet you half-way, Scribble-taku, on someone's bare skin. New 'volunteer' daily?

    That video, wow. Definitely hope she gets some more attention, that's amazing talent.

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