What A Crappy Tokyo Apartment

There might be apartments that are smaller. There might be apartments that are dirtier or are in worse neighbourhoods. But this is one bad Tokyo apartment.

[Image: Summo]

Make that, one shitty one.

Pointed out by Twitter user Lycis, the studio apartment floor plan has the toilet RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR.

"The heck is this property..."

[Image: Summo]

Built in 2015, the outside looks OK!

Inside, the apartment is outfitted with a shower, a sink, a washing machine, and a hot plate.

[Image: Summo]

You might be thinking, hey, this is big for a Tokyo apartment! What's the big deal? Eh... Usually, toilets in Japan are in other own room or, for very small apartments, in a shared apartment bathroom — not, you know, next to the front door.

So, everyday, the toilet is the first thing you see when leaving and entering this apartment!

[Image: Summo]

Japanese Twitter users said this wasn't an apartment, but a prison cell. I'd say this isn't a one-room apartment, but a very large bathroom to sleep in.

Yours for 57,000 yen ($668) a month! At least it has free internet.


    Isn't this just combining the genkan and toilet into a single area so there's only one unclean zone in the house? Seems reasonable to me, though it could use a divider between the toilet and the rest of the apartment.

      I'm not shocked to see the toilet there at all, I'm more surprised at the size of the place.
      Pretty upscale in comparison to most modern sardine apartments.

    Wow that is huge, you could have a couch!!!

    Get back to me when you can reach the door, toilet and kitchen without having to have get off the bed.

    Yeah I'd live there. I'm in my 30's and would love to downsize already. But unfortunately finding a small place WITH a garage :(

    I see the air-conditioner is placed right above the toilet.

    I've never been directly air-conditioned whilst taking a crap.

    ... I like it.

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