When Crusader Kings Meets Azeroth

Image: ModDB

When you think about it, the troubled heroes and world of Warcraft is a perfect fit for a regicide simulator.

Given Crusader Kings 2 is already a top notch fantasy political simulator, with a good dollop of regicide and awkward family management in between. It was already a perfect backdrop for Game of Thrones, and someone found a loophole that let them restore the Roman Empire by 973 AD. As a horse.

That Time A Horse Became Empress Of Rome

Only in Crusader Kings II could a horse rise to power and, after decades of war and conquest, restore the might of the Roman Empire.

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The latest land for CK2 to conquer? Azeroth. A global mod based on Blizzard's beloved world, the creators are planning to make Warcraft's four major nations playable, with gnolls, pygmies, kobodls and murlocs also playable as wild tribes.

Image: ModDB

There's no ETA as of yet, but the announced plans are fairly ambitious. The final version will have guilds and orders that will unite characters of the same class; you'll be able to build multi-class characters (like Warrior/Mages), learn dark magic through mentors or various event chains, or turn a Dwarf into a Paladin. Whatever works.

A couple of development diaries are online over at the ModDB page.


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