Will.i.am Is Making A Comic With Marvel And It Sounds Totally Wild

Most comic book stories try to stick to one earth-ending event at a time. Not musician Will.i.am's new collaboration with Marvel. It's mushing up future alien invasions and zombie apocalypses into one unholy matrimony of comic book craziness.

Revealed through Billboard today, Black Eyed Peas Present Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles — no doubt the most glorious string of words I will get to write today and for the foreseeable future — will be penned by Will.i.am, with art from Benjamin Jackendoff and Damion Scott. The graphic novel is set in a futuristic LA, where protagonist and hip-hop aficionado Zulu-X finds himself thrust into the middle of an alien invasion that comes at the worst possible time: While humankind is also facing a zombie outbreak.

From there, Zulu-X is "fighting a nefarious ancient order with the combination of wisdom and street smarts," according to Billboard, as well as tackling elements like music and LA street culture. Sci-fi, alien invasions, zombie apocalypses, social issues, and evil ancient orders? Well, sign me the hell up.

Black Eyed Peas Present Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles — I will never not refer to this by its full title — is set to hit shelves in July.



    This sounds like the crappiest, laziest cash-in in modern history, and Mr I.Am has set an amazing precedent for that several times over.

    This is going to be garbage.

    Will.I.Am - possibly the most overrated, genuinely boring celebrity I've seen. Takes himself waaaaaay too seriously (check out his Top Gear interview), no charisma, and makes shitty shitty Black Eyed Peas music.

    Ok that's all a bit harsh but seriously I don;t get why people like him.

    The guy has more money than sense.
    He really has no idea what he is doing, lol.

    Last decent thing Will.I.am did was Bridging The Gap.

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