YouTubers Are Fighting Over Destroyed Bases In Conan Exiles

YouTubers Are Fighting Over Destroyed Bases In Conan Exiles

Survival game Conan Exiles is gritty. On one level, that means butt-naked men hacking each other up with axes. On another, that means you can spend a month lovingly constructing a base, only for another player to destroy it. Over the weekend, a huge gaming YouTuber got a ton of hate after griefing a smaller YouTuber’s beloved Conan Exiles base.

Conan Exiles

It started when the YouTuber Faceless, who’d been playing Conan Exiles‘ beta, raided H20Delirious, who has 8.6 million subscribers. In his video, “RAIDING H20Delirious… and everyone else“, Faceless tears down the base’s wood doors and loots the place. It’s a feature of the game that everyone expects on some level, and by raiding H20Delirious’s base, Faceless drew thousands more viewers than average to his channel. (H20Delirious later said the base did not belong to him, which Faceless denies.)

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Now, Faceless had been building his own base on an empty, private server meant for content creators. He and Maxmoefoe, another big gaming YouTuber, sunk dozens of hours into the thing. It was an impressive base, with huge chests, furnaces and a skylight. Some commenters called it the “MTV Cribs” of Conan bases. The YouTubers had never seen another person the server.

That’s why Faceless and Maxmoefoe were shocked when they logged on to find their base scraped from the earth. Everything except their slave wheels was in shambles.

Faceless and Maxmoefoe were devastated. To find out who did it, the two went to and searched for the private sever’s login history. H20Delirious’s name popped up. He’d been logging on after they logged off to dismantle the base.

Retaliation is par for the course in Conan Exiles, even in beta. Bases are going to get destroyed. But Faceless’s subscribers were fiercely defensive, even though Faceless himself didn’t ask for their defence. Faceless’s subs descended on H20’s comments. H20 disabled them and his next Conan Exiles video received 42,000 dislikes and only 2000 more likes. “DELIRIOUS HAS CONQUERED ALL! KNEEL BEFORE THE!,” his video description reads. “Or cry about a game.”

Since the base was the focal point of Faceless and Maxmoefoe’s Conan YouTube series, their fans were upset. Galvanising them was the belief that the content creator server was private, so the rules were different. H20Delirious’s “army”, as he calls them, defends his right to play by the game’s unspoken rules wherever he wanted.

Conan Exiles won’t be released in-full until early 2018. But the game’s proven to be wildly popular among professional YouTubers and streamers, a sort of whose-dick-is-bigger contest for egos, and also, well, dicks.


  • This reaction is exactly what the troll wanted. Not necessarily from the other yters but from the fans.

  • I know these feels, I spent a weekend playing Ark Survival and had my home destroyed and they killed all of my dinosaurs… I could only imagine the feeling of having months worth of work ruined.

    • Don’t worry mein, I got it on PS4 now we’ll be running the server soon. #dicksout

  • Pretty crap move, the guy went too far.

    I once ran a small youtube channel playing minecraft with other small youtubers on a private server and we’d prank each other but never outright grief. Pranking adds content, griefing destroys it.

    Some of those guys have over 60k subs now…makes me wonder where my channel would be if i stuck with it.

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