Yu-Gi-Oh! Hair Looks Really Weird In Real Life

Yu-Gi-Oh! Hair Looks Really Weird In Real Life

Not surprising! It looks nuts in the manga and anime, too.

[Image: WatarouUmaaaaaa]

Out of all the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, Yami Yugi has the most amazing hairdo. It’s always been tricky to replicate in real life. In a new series of ads, Konami tries to do just that — even if the result is more plastic hat and less actual hair.

These “Are you dueling?” posters, which are for the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! smartphone game, show rather normal scenes of life in Japan. The simple addition of Yami Yugi hair makes the images anything but typical!

[Image: karasma512]

[Image: cocadomaya]

[Image: GameBiz]

[Image: WatarouUmaaaaaa]

There’s even a semitrailer driving around Tokyo with this madness plastered all over it. Of course there is.


  • I wake up with yugi hair every morning……..it defies physics and possibly reaches into a few other dimensions……

  • The thing that always rubbed me the wrong way is that Yugi was a small, childlike, nerdish kid with low self-esteem. And yet he, somehow, dyed his hair three colours and spiked it in ways that had to require several gallons of hair product and hours of effort, i.e. the hairdo of a narcissist with a “cool” reputation, totally antithetical to the character’s personality. That fact bothered me much more than the physical impossibility and abject ridiculousness of the actual hair.

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