A Better Designed Kirby Dress Is Impossible

Seriously. No one will ever be able to create a better Kirby dress than this. It's impossible!

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

Japanese lingerie maker Peach John is teaming up with Nintendo for Kirby branded pyjamas, bustiers, eye masks and underpants.

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

There's even a Kirby dress, which seems to be more for sleeping than wearing around outside. But hey, that's up to you!

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

The Kirby backpack, though, is definitely for the outside world.

[Image: Peach John via Kai-You]

As Kai-You notes, this year is Kirby's 25 anniversary. These items will be released in Japan at Peach John's Yummy Mart concept shop in Harajuku starting on April 22. 


    If it doesn't inflate like a beach ball then I'm sorry, it's not a good Kirby dress at all.

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