A Dire Warning About Final Fantasy’s Black Magic

A Dire Warning About Final Fantasy’s Black Magic

Let’s go back. To a time before Jack Thompson, before age ratings. Back to 1980s Canada, when the most pressing concern with video game content — and how it was destroying the youth — was the black magic found in Final Fantasy.

“And once again, it’s about how you can get in touch with your wizard.”

If you’re short on time (dude goes on for a while), here’s the best part:


  • Ah but was he wrong?!? In America where it went unchecked those little kids grew up to vote for Trump… Now there must have been some serious black magic s^*t going on for that to happen…

  • My Goblin Bard was satanic, but it had nothing to do with magic and everything to do with wearing party members skin on top of his own.

  • My parents sure did burn all of my brother’s heavy metal records and D&D games in the backyard in the 80s. It was his only outlet at the time and he quickly derailed. Good job!

  • Ah …. you’ve got to love the fundamental christians. They were so convinced that the end of the world was nigh. It was Rock and Roll … then Comic Books …. then D&D …. then Video Games. Satan at every corner.

    It must be sad to live in fear of the constantly changing world around you.

    • Nice.
      Funny you should say this though, I know of several athiests that were christians, but became athiests after actually reading their own bible.

      • I am one of those atheists. It’s good to be an informed atheist. I look forward to the day when we all just back and laugh at the whole religion thing.

  • It’s still going on too. Ministers saying that only God has the power to change the climate, for instance. Pokemon are evil too.
    I’d say that they have problem with separation of fantasy and reality, but it’s more the case that they’re living in the wrong one.

    • Everyone is allowed their own beliefs. It’s when you push your beliefs on others that it’s a different story.

  • Lmao imagine growing up and living your life believing that video games/rock n roll/comics/dragons/fantasy/whatever is ‘evil’ and will harm the children.


  • All of you are missing the point. Those who warn of the satanic movement and content are right, and all you unbelievers are proof. You have literally been seduced from toddler up to reject truth/Jesus. Satanists took control of radio from the beginning, then tv. You think the bible is a fantasy, because it’s what you were told over and over all you life. You all are like robots who are told what to think and believe without searching it out. If you would wake up and research it out, and do what God said (gasp) pray and ask him to show you truth…you would have your mind blown. Jesus is lord, and every demon either gets pissed or flees when he is mentioned. There is power in the name. God is going to have to give all of you a spanking. America will collapse and you will be stripped of all your distractions. You will be given mercy through it because you have a second chance to choose sides. You have to believe for your eyes to be open.
    “For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance” 1 Thessalonians 1:5

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