A Gold Darth Vader Helmet Costs Only $1.8 Million

For diehard Star Wars fans with deep pockets, there's this: A solid gold Darth Vader helmet.

[Image: Dengeki Hobby]

According to Dengeki Hobby, the one-of-a-kind 24-karat Vader helmet weighs 15kg and goes on sale at Ginza Tanaka in Tokyo on May 4. Yours for a cool ¥154 million ($1.8 million).

[Image: Dengeki Hobby]

[Image: Dengeki Hobby]

The dark side of the Force? More like the shiny side.


    Weird that its 24ct. It's horrible to work with if you are making from scratch. It must me electroformed or prototyped over a pattern. :/

    There's no way that's solid gold and weighing 15kg. If it was solid, looks like about its volume would be maybe 15L and the density of gold is 19.3g/cm3 which is 19.3kg/L, so it would weigh like 290kg.

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