A Look Back At All The Cancelled Star Wars Games

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From Knights of the Old Republic 3, to Star Wars Galaxies and a follow-up to the Rogue Squadron series, there's been a lot of cool Star Wars games that we've never gotten to see.

GVMERS has put together a video looking back at some of the many, many contributions to the Star Wars universe that were later canned. Some of these will immediately come to mind, like Star Wars 1313 and Free Radical's spin on the Battlefront games.

But there were plenty of other developers wanting to explore other parts of the Star Wars lore, including a AAA game based on Darth Maul, a smaller-scale Battlefield called First Assault, a spin-off series for Chewbacca, and Return of the Jedi: Ewok Adventure back in the Atari days.

So many good titles left on the cutting room floor. First Assault probably would have sold quite well, and I'd personally enjoy a modern spin on X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. (Hell, I'd take a remastered X-Wing Alliance; TIE Fighter itself runs just fine.)


    It's always a bit of a heartbreak seeing what could have been. To quote Director Krennic, "We were SO close!"

    I really miss SWG pre-combat upgrade. I even remember being in the Lowca server. Felt good to be a day time musician and nighttime TKA MASTER. Those were the days....

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