A New Ghost In The Shell Anime Announced!

[Image via まとめNaver] With the beleaguered Hollywood movie out the door, Production I.G has revealed it's working on a new Ghost in the Shell anime project. 

Details are scant, but it will be co-directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series) and Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed). That's all we know for now! 

Official teaser images, concept art, and key art have all yet to be revealed. 


    Let's hope they get Yoko Kanno back again. Arise's music was the most disappointing about it.

      I loved the music. Yoko Kanno is amazing.

        It's a shame Origa isn't still around to do the vocals.

      She's incredibly talented, one of my favourite modern composers. I've got almost every album she's worked on, not to mention the fantastic Seatbelts.

        +1 For Seatbelts

          Like with cars, it should be a law that everyone should l put on their Seatbelts at all times.

    Yessss Kamiyama.
    +1 for Yoko Kanno as well.

    Please please please please please please Stand Alone Complex season 3!!!!!!! It is my favourite Anime (and possibly series) ever!

      YES!!! 3rd Gig... Tachikomas with personality.

    If the quality writing and animation are on par with SAC, then i'm all for it.
    I was greatly disappointment in the last couple attempts to reboot Appleseed. I don't get warm fuzzy feelings someone involved in those is doing them.

    I'd really love to see Shirow write some more original IP. The anime have been increasingly suffering from one of the major problems of the live-action movie: nothing new to say.
    The Ghost In The Shell and Apple Seed manga are some of the most interesting conceptual sci-fi of the last 30 years, but simply recombining their elements endlessly is getting me down.
    Does anyone know what Shirow is actually up to??

    I hope they model the Major off've ScarJo... Who threw that rotten tomato?? :)

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