Activision Announces Call Of Duty: WWII

The next Call of Duty is probably set during World War II, as is evidenced pretty strongly by its title, Call of Duty: WWII. Activision announced the game today, adding that there will be an official "reveal" next Thursday at 3:00AM AEST.

We've known about Call of Duty: WWII since last month, when it was leaked via early marketing materials. This one is developed by Sledgehammer Games, the Activision-owned studio that was last responsible for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It will be out in November, and it looks like that's all the info we're getting until the livestream next week.


    Yay..... now if you will excuse me, I will be over here running down this entrenched french mountain side pick axe in hand, enjoying myself thoroughly until the next treyarch game comes out....

    Hope it's set in Europe and not the Pacific.

    The reflection in his eyes looks like a beach.

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      Well, it's not like beaches were involved in one of the most important battles of the western front or anything ;)

      I'm surprised people are excited for this, to be honest. The WW2 genre is where all these franchises first started and they've been done to death.

        You don't remember the absolute raging hard-on everyone got for BF1 after that sci-fi COD trailer dropped?

        Fuck, at this rate, I'm looking forward to seeing a BF5 trailer drop being set in 2149.

          Few people have done WW1 though (and they didn't really do a good job of actually capturing it either). WW2 was where COD started and then basically beat into the ground until COD4, and we've had loads of other franchises doing the same.

          Do u know the difference between WW1 and WW2?

        I figure the average COD fan probably wasn't old enough to play shooters when we were getting shot by Russian officers for walking backwards.

    I just.dont see the appeal of rehashing the stories and battles over and over, the real wars have been done to death in tv/movie/games, or at least if going with history do alternate history.

      You can't really get any more alternative history than Bf/cod unless you add dinosaurs

    I really enjoyed World at War and the first Black Ops but nothing has grabbed me since. Maybe this will be ok?

      I doubt it. It will be another slapped together yearly regurgitation of Call of Doodee, it will get the "Overwhelmingly negative" rating on Steam, it will have 1,000s of Multiplayer-only DLC, they will slap a "Zombies" DLC and it's advertising will oversaturate all forms of media, the game will stay at full price for decades, rarely go in sale and never go on sale for more than 10% off and it's online community will die inside the first month due to no gaming evolution and all the hackers. What is certain is, this will be another epic fail desperately trying to grasp at Battlefield revenue.

    Bro, is so hard do a modern warfare? For God sake...

    Wish it was COD:World War Wii, depicting those terrible times where the Xbox and PlayStation faithful took up arms and rallied in Internet forums to wage war against the filthy casuals and old people trying to take over their hobby under the leadership of the mighty Nintendo empire.

    Well battlefield one was very successful so gotta jump in on that sweet sweet revenue stream.

    Let's have some St Nazaire, LRDG or Bruneval action this time around. Not that relentless Norman-fecking-dee all over again. Go get the effing Bangalore yourself for a change Lieutenant!

    I can't tell you how many times I commented on Call of Duty things trying to voice that a WW2 CoD is due and how they need to do it before anyone else does on the next gen consoles..... And look, here we are with Battlefield 1 already out. A WW2 game won't even be half as special as it would have been if they had done it earlier.

    I cant wait to buy loot boxes to get that sweet skin for the Mosin-Nagant

    Alexander SkarsgÄrd from Generation Kill?

    WWII? Really? I mean, beats the constant Future clones and I guess going WWI makes it seem like it's copying BF1 (even if I am sure both were being made before each reveal). But like 90% games on previous gens before 360 and Ps3 were mostly WWII based, either Future or WWII.

    Just tired of it, not as much as the future stuff, but still, repetitive. Give me something new-ish like BF1 did. A point in history not normally shown in war games.

    Not to say a WWII game CANNOT have this...but guaranteed it will be like the previous CoD games but HD now!


    Been saying for a while now that I'm ready for WW2 again. I know WW2 was done to death, but I think enough time has passed I'm ready to see what's possible now.

    Although I would really, really like a solid Vietnam FPS though - Bad Company 2 Vietnam was amazing.

    COD 2 still stands as the most fun I've had with a cod game in multi, 2nd would be modern warfare and then blops

    Pretty happy to get some attention back to WW2, gotta love the M1 carbine and the German k98

    Yay! yet another regurgetated Call of Duty yearly release, followed by 1,000+ multiplayer-only DLC's, including the overdone Zombies DLC! I wonder what time period, the next years slapped together rehash will be set in?

    Maybe "Call of Duty: Medieval" or "Call of Duty: Vietnam" or even "Call of Duty: Korea"?

    Yes I am being sarcastic. I am sick to death of a new COD game polluting the Steam Store, being plastered over every billboard, bus stop, bus and everywhere else a COD poster can be slapped and taking over the TV ads like a fucking virus every single fucking year with all the useless Multiplayer-only DLC, for an online community that dies within 1 month of release because of no gaming evolution and all the hackers, with 99999999HP and the ability to get a headshot through 50 buildings from one side of the level to the other.

    Will this overbloated tripe series ever fucking die?! We are fed up with this oversaturation of "Call of Doodee"

    Wake up Activision, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Raven Software & Sledghammer Games! The COD games are reviewed "Mixed" then "Mostly Negative" then as "Overwhelmingly Negative" in the Steam Store. The gamers are sick of it! Give the franchise a dignified funeral and move the fuck on!

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    COD was at its best in COD1/2, and both were in WWII. Maybe a return to its roots is what this franchise needs.

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