All The Best Cosplays From Gold Coast Supanova

Do you like cosplay? Good news! We've collected some of the best cosplays from last weekend's Supanova right here, just for you.

Images: Mumei

Gold Coast is the first event in the Supanova circuit for the year, and for many cosplayers across Australia it marks the start of their cosplaying season. For this reason, the sunny northern convention tends to draw cosplayers from across the country — not just Queenslanders, but plenty of Sydney and Melbourne natives too.

And where there are cosplayers, there are photographers. We've collected some amazing photos from What A Big Camera, Stephan Bollinger Photography, Mumei, Hazzardous Photography, Its_Her_Man Photography and KristaBella Photography. Enjoy!

Images: What A Big Camera

Images: Hazzardous Photography

Images: KristaBella Photography

Want more? Check out this amazing cosplay video by Artificial Dogma:


    Some great costumes in there. That Harley nailed it.

      Legit thought that the Harley pic was actually Margot Robbie, and I was expecting a comparison image with a cosplayer. Nailed it indeed.

    To bad you didn't credit any of the cosplayers :/

    Petition to credit cosplayers!
    These people work ridiculously hard on these creations, they should definitely be credited!

      Hey! As a cosplayer I totally get it, and I would love to do this, though I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I would feel guilty only tagging the cosplayers I happen to be familiar with myself, but looking them all up individually would take too long to be practical.
      Anyone have any input on the best way to do it? Publish the names I know and get people to fill in the blanks later?

    If anyone is interested, I'm the red dragon lady (Alexstrasza) and you can find me on Instagram and Facebook by "Lunadust Cosplay" ^.^!

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