Almost A Decade On, Aussie Paint Platformer de Blob Gets PC Release

Almost A Decade On, Aussie Paint Platformer de Blob Gets PC Release

It took a few years, but Nordic’s plans for de Blob, created by Melbourne’s now-defunct Blue Tongue Entertainment, have finally come to fruition. Snagged back in 2014 during the THQ firesale it was unclear what was to happen to the popular franchise, but now we know — a revamped PC version, which you can pick up now from Steam or GOG.

It isn’t a straight port either, with THQ Nordic making some under-the-hood changes to welcome the nearly decade-old console title to 2017:

  • Improved texture and lightmap resolution
  • Upscaled videos
  • Added FXAA Anti Aliasing
  • Added Resolution and graphic quality option
  • Keyboard & mouse and Gamepad (360/ps4) support and UI adaptation, also added remap feature
  • Unofficial Wiimote support

It’s currently discounted by 25 per cent on both GOG and Steam, bringing the price to $US15. While there’s no official review score on Steam, the consensus is that it’s a solid port, faithful to its Wii progenitor.

de Blob [Steam and GOG]


  • Ooh, wii remote support. Can’t have the game without the waggle jump imo, the only game to legitimately be better with waggle in place of a button press.

  • This was a pretty good game, enjoyed a lot but have vague bad memories on the final boss.

    Also there was some really weird bug that stopped you from 100%ing one of the levels.

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