Amazon Confirms It’s Coming To Australia

Amazon Confirms It’s Coming To Australia

It was rumoured before, and now Amazon has made it official. They’re buying a big warehouse down under, and they’re bringing their fast shipping options with it.

In a statement to the press this morning, Amazon announced that they were looking forward to bringing “low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery” to more Australians over the coming years.

According to an story from Business Insider (which is published by Allure Media, Kotaku Australia’s owner), Amazon is actively looking for its first Australian warehouse with around 93,000m2 of space.

Amazon’s retail offering for Australians could also kick off as early as July, although it’s not confirmed whether that would include their Amazon Prime Now offering. Amazon Prime Now will deliver items to customers within two hours for free, but you can pay an additional fee to receive items within an hour. Amazon Prime membership currently costs $US99 a year or £79 in the United Kingdom.

The retailer will initially concentrate on home electronics and consumer goods in Australia, although Amazon has been hiring people to work on an Australian iteration of Amazon Fresh, their grocery service, for over a year.


  • From the link:

    “A decision hasn’t been made on a location but it is likely in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.”

    You don’t say.

    Still going to have to wait ages if you’re outside those cities then…

  • Probably take over the old Masters DC in Melbourne which from memory may have been the old Kmart DC?? Think its out in Hoppers Crossing.

    • You are correct. It used to be the Masters DC (I worked for them and went there a few times), and it was the Kmart DC before that. Depending on how Amazon set out their spaces for their requirements, it could be quite an ideal spot. It’s super spacious and there is a lot of room for workers to sit and eat.

      • Aye, I’m an old Masters plonker myself @rhuri – that’s not you is it Ribs???

    • I’d love to see them take the old Ford Factory in Geelong. It’s got it’s own harbour dock, established truck routes, enormous floor space, basically a ready-to-go workforce and can likely be had for a bargain, especially given Geelong’s dying infrastructure.

      I know it WON’T happen, but I’d like to see them prop up a town that’s really suffering and being ignored.

    • Apparently (according to the real estate agents at CBRE) Amazon has signed a lease at the Oakdale Industrial Estate in Eastern Creek, Sydney. DHL also has four massive warehouses in the same estate so setting up next door would be a great way to connect to existing logistics providers.

      • Sorry, correction on that. CBRE agents who are actually working with Amazon to find locations refused to comment, the info came from “other industrial agents” speaking to Fairfax.

  • Wasn’t this made official a few weeks ago? and didn’t they say it wouldn’t happen until next year. so how have they moved that up to july?

  • I won’t hold my breath. After the disaster that was Newegg AU, I especially don’t trust any businesses operating in Australia to not rip us off.

  • Still holding hope for a wharehouse down in Tas somewhere. At least a limited one with the most popular stuff and the rest coming from interstate.

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