An Accidental Ghost In The Shell Live-Action Movie Reminder

Of course the Ghost in the Shell manga's original publisher never thought a Japanese actor would play the lead in the Hollywood version. But at a publicity event for the film in Tokyo, we get a look at what that might've been, if the movie had been made in Japan.


Even if that's within the context of staged PR! It isn't uncommon for Japanese celebrities to cosplay for Hollywood movie events. We have that here as well as other subtext.

Of course, Beat Takeshi still would have been in the movie, and don't take this as finalised casting decisions, but it is interesting to see locals bring these characters to life.

Via, here's Rina Takeda as the Major.


She is not only a talented actresses, but also a black belt and able to do things like this:

[GIF via YouTube]

And this:

[GIF via YouTube]

In her movies, Takeda does her own stunts, which are free of wire work and CG.

Via Natalie, that's Korean-Japanese pro wrestler Riki Choshu as Batou.

It took two hours of make up to pull off this look.

[GIF: Oricon]

Looks good, no?

[GIF: Oricon]

Choshu says he can't see a thing.

[GIF: Oricon]

And she's unloading those kicks in heels.

[GIF: Oricon]

Well done. Take a bow!

In case you missed it, check out our spoilery opinions on Ghost in the Shell right here.


    Takedo - Nope. Sorry. While she meets the "cultural" requirements by Western audiences, she looks nothing like Major.

    Choshu - Kind old looking, but he could do fine in the role just from his height and build alone. The make up was a bit too much though, makes him look too old for the role.

    meh in the context of the movie, I'd go out on a limb and say there's nothing with Johansson's acting and portrayal of Major

    it's the story that killed the movie (for me), having an all japanese cast won't change that

    After seeing this I'd have to say that Rina Takeda is one of the last people I'd like to see play Major. I'm sure there's plenty of other actresses that would fit the part better.

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