An Old Fashioned JB Hi-Fi Review Round-Up

Hey, it's been a while since we've suckled on the JB Hi-Fi tweet for their short, astute, often brutal video game reviews.

Here's a few you might not have seen before!

No Man's Sky

Let's start with the most savage one.


The Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Worlds

Decent play on an old joke. I give this one three stars.

The Sims

Yeah that crippling debt is no joke. Except in this JB Hi-Fi review, where it is the joke.


Stop, it's already dead.

Farming Simulator

Solid advice Brett.

Seen any good JB Hi-Fi reviews? Shoot me an email!


    You missed the best one in my view; the GTA4 review.

    It's not for kids. It's not for kids. It's not for kids.

      Guarantee parents still complained after buying it for their kids.

        And most likely had a go at staff that refused to sell the game to their (unattended) 12 year olds.

    JB Hi-Fi tweet I think you mean "teat"

    That Deadpool one was an awesome rant. Brilliant.

    Why on earth would they put up that kind of review for No Man's Sky, aren't JB supposed to be trying to sell it to me?

      Processing those refunds takes staff. Staff cost money. Leaving it on the shelf cuts JBs loss!

    Yeah while these are funny, why would JB management allow publicly displayed signage which disparage products they are trying to sell?!?

      $10,000 in lost sales vs $1,000,000 in free advertising?

      Yeah I was wondering the same. I mean even if a game is bad, don't tell peeps it's bad if you are trying to sell the damn thing.

      I mean could you imagine going into a Dan Murphy's and seeing "Crack open this bottle and be filled with regret, you just bought a $60 bottle of turpentine. Could power a cheap lawnmower"

      If you look at the timing, a lot of these reviews are actually on games that have been out for a while.

      So by that time, the chain most likely know already how good/bad a game is.

      And this is how I see it; it shows the staff have a good sense of humour and the chain encourages. Which in turn - speaking for myself - will bring in more customers because they feel the staff are on the ball on a what a good game is and won't lead the customer astray.

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