An Old Fashioned JB Hi-Fi Review Round-Up

An Old Fashioned JB Hi-Fi Review Round-Up

Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve suckled on the JB Hi-Fi tweet for their short, astute, often brutal video game reviews.

Here’s a few you might not have seen before!

No Man’s Sky

Let’s start with the most savage one.


The Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Worlds

Decent play on an old joke. I give this one three stars.

The Sims

Yeah that crippling debt is no joke. Except in this JB Hi-Fi review, where it is the joke.


Stop, it’s already dead.

Farming Simulator

Solid advice Brett.

Seen any good JB Hi-Fi reviews? Shoot me an email!


  • You missed the best one in my view; the GTA4 review.

    It’s not for kids. It’s not for kids. It’s not for kids.

  • Why on earth would they put up that kind of review for No Man’s Sky, aren’t JB supposed to be trying to sell it to me?

  • Yeah while these are funny, why would JB management allow publicly displayed signage which disparage products they are trying to sell?!?

    • Yeah I was wondering the same. I mean even if a game is bad, don’t tell peeps it’s bad if you are trying to sell the damn thing.

      I mean could you imagine going into a Dan Murphy’s and seeing “Crack open this bottle and be filled with regret, you just bought a $60 bottle of turpentine. Could power a cheap lawnmower”

    • If you look at the timing, a lot of these reviews are actually on games that have been out for a while.

      So by that time, the chain most likely know already how good/bad a game is.

      And this is how I see it; it shows the staff have a good sense of humour and the chain encourages. Which in turn – speaking for myself – will bring in more customers because they feel the staff are on the ball on a what a good game is and won’t lead the customer astray.

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