An Open World Game For Your Phone, From The Makers Of Fruit Ninja

An Open World Game For Your Phone, From The Makers Of Fruit Ninja

It’s called Crash Club. It’s the new game by the creator of Fruit Ninja and it’s actually tremendously ambitious. It’s an open world crash simulator or sorts, but you play online with others and there’s car combat involved. There’s a lot going on here, but it looks fantastic.

And it’s a Luke Muscat game, so you can be sure it’ll be sticky, accessible and addictive as hell.

Crucially, Australians are getting the chance to play it first.

Which makes sense given it’s being made in Australia, by Australians. Prettygreat is the studio, formed after a core group of Halfbrick employees left the studio. Prettygreat has had a good run since leaving Halfbrick, launching a couple of mobile games I really enjoyed. Particularly Slide the Shakes, which was simple, but awesome.

Crash Club looks like a step up from previous Prettygreat games. Can’t wait to see how it’s turned out.


  • I am not a big mobile gamer (have only had GoF2 for three years, yet still not finished), but this atleast looks interesting. Might give it a go.

  • Been part of the beta for a few months and i have really enjoyed it, the only downside is that without other players in the game it gets pretty mundane. They have made the game absolutely great since i first started playing though and i recommend people at least give it a look at some point.

    I have noticed for some weird reason one of the updates completely wiped my game (i didn’t realise for a few weeks as my kids have control of my ipad most of the time, come to think it could have been my kids who did it but they are pretty savvy with games and don’t do that sort of thing any more) and it seems like i get over matched when players do come into the game.

    • Wiping progress was part of a larger update that revamped the entire economy system. They needed to wipe progress because there was no way of carrying it across to the new system. It wasn’t ideal, but that’s what we get for participating in the beta.

      Hopefully now that it’s more widely released there’ll be less player shortages. See you in the city!

      • Cheers for explaining that, it wasn’t as much of a big deal for me as i hadn’t done heaps but enough to realise my vehicle i have sucks haha.

        Hopefully you don’t beat me too badly haha.

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