Australian Pricing And Release Date For The New 2DS XL

Well this is a surprise, on both fronts.

We've just gotten word on the local release date and pricing for the New 2DS XL. Brace yourself, there's good news ahead.

First, the release date. The New 2DS XL hits US stores on July 28, but will be available in Australia from June 15. That's a pretty big gap in our favour.

In addition, the pricing is pretty favourable. The New 2DS XL is $150 in the US (which translates to about $201 Australian given conversion rates) but the Australian RRP is $199.95. Considering shipping costs and GST, that's a surprisingly reasonable price point.

Good news all up.


    I think it's really smart of Nintendo to do this as a budget portable and keep th Switch as the premium hone console with portability.

      It's not really THAT budget when you consider that you can get a 3dsxl for $238

        That is the standard 3ds and not the 'new' models with more power.

          more power? I thought it just had an extra control stick thingy?

            The "New" versions are more powerful. The 3DS port of Xenoblade Chronicles can only be played on the New 3DS and above because of this.

            The New 3DS and New 3DS XL (and presumably this New 2DS XL) have improved hardware that goes beyond the addition of that second analog stick and head tracking 3D. They have a faster SOC and more RAM. The Original 3DS uses a 268 MHz dual-core ARM11 & 134 MHz single-core ARM9 SOC with 128MB of RAM while the New 3DS/XL has a 804 MHz quad-core ARM11 & 134 MHz single-core ARM9 SOC with 256MB of RAM. Hardly state of the art but a substantial upgrade over the older 3DS line.

              Cool! Cheers for the info! Certainly is a substantial upgrade!

    Nice price. I look forward to it being a breakaway success that reinvigorates the brand and.... oh I'm sorry I've just been informed the 2DS XL has been discontinued :p

    Really, would have been nice for a green and gold colour combo then, if we are to be getting it first.

    OI OI OI Edition. Mullet and thongs if you pre-order.

      They are saving that for the 1DS...

        I think you mean the...."Un-DS" (Budgie Smuggler Edition)/

    Sold. I almost repurchased a 3DS last night. Glad I didnt.

    Dig the nice clean design. Maybe it's finally time to pick up a 2/3DS system. That & It's two days before my birthday so that would be neat. Hmm.

    Decent entry point if it's your first time with the 3DS giving you access to a large library of games.

    Wish Nintendo had released BOTW on their OTHER defunct hardware :(

    Goddammit I want one just cause it looks so damn smexy.

    Ever noticed how 3DS games never go on sale or decrease in price over time?
    Amazing huh.

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