Bandai Namco Announces Code Vein, Which Is Certainly A Video Game

Bandai Namco Announces Code Vein, Which Is Certainly A Video Game

Last week Bandai Namco teased a new game with a lovely hand-painted trailer and the tagline “Prepare to Dine”. Today they officially announce Code Vein, an anime-style post-apocalyptic vampire action RPG that only vaguely resembles the gorgeous animated short that preceded it.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Code Vein, let’s soak in that teaser trailer one last time.

*sigh* So pretty. The actual in-game graphics for Code Vein, coming to home consoles in 2018, aren’t nearly as impressive.

Code Vein (how video game of a name is that?) is set on a near future Earth that’s in ruins following a mysterious disaster. Humanity is mostly dead save for the Revenants, people who somehow survived the catastrophe by making a dark pact, gaining powers in exchange for their memories and a ravenous thist for blood. You know, vampires.

Transforming vampires, even.

No one should mess with a transforming vampire.

The player takes on the role of one of these Revenants, setting out from the society stronghold of Vein (roll credits) to reclaim their lost memories and try to find a way out of this nightmarish reality. They will fight alongside companions from the Revenant haven against the Lost, creatures that gave into the bloodlust completely and were transformed into hideous beasts in the process.

With the aid of machines known as Blood veils, players will be able to harvest the blood of their enemies and use it to enhance their abilities, granting them new powers, weapon skills and the ability to transform from this…

… into this…

… who can now do this:

And when they’re done fighting, players can stand around admiring the finest in cursed post-apocalyptic vampire wear. The world ending is no excuse for not dressing all fancy-like.

And there we have it. It’s a video game. It’s a far cry from the tease but it doesn’t look too shabby once you get over that. Code Vein is in development at Bandai Namco Studios for a 2018 release on major home consoles.


  • So the Revenants are basically ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul) but sort of mechanised? not that I’m complaining, #1 favourite manga series of all time for me.

  • So you’re saying that a trailer that showed vampires that transformed and were hunting monsters is a far cry from a game about vampires that transform and hunt monsters? Sure, I’m disappointed that it’s not a game with the same visual style as the trailer but the gameplay and visual aesthetics do not surprise me at all. Especially when you know that it’s done by Shift (A fact the article neglects to mention), the makers of God Eater which shares many of the same themes and elements. Just replace the dark entity with Oracle Cells, the Revenants with the God Eaters and harvesting blood with devouring the cells of the enemy. I’m looking forward to it. I’m a huge fan of the God Eater games and Freedom Wars so I have no doubt they’ll have improved on the formula.

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