Batman And Harley Quinn Team Up To Take Down Poison Ivy In Animated Movie Featurette

The Caped Crusader and Mister J's number-one gal are teaming up to stop a plantocalypse in the upcoming animated film, Batman and Harley Quinn. Here's the first look at what's in store, including a brand-new voice for Harley.

In the upcoming animated film, Batman and Nightwing recruit Harley Quinn to try and take down Poison Ivy, who's trying to turn animals into plant hybrids in an attempt to destroy the world. It's a bit awkward when you consider that Harley and Poison Ivy have been in a romantic relationship in various DC Comics series, including the current Harley Quinn and Bombshells.

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Then again, Harley's not opposed to flirting with anyone she chooses... including Nightwing. Yeah, there's this whole thing in Batman and Harley Quinn about the two of them trying to convince Batman to "let loose", which consists of Batman walking in on them having a private tickle session. Umm, that's not how that works, guys.

The movie isn't directly tied into Batman: The Animated Series, but it draws some heavy inspiration from its artistic style. BATS' Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester are back as Batman and Nightwing, but this animated film has a new voice for Harley Quinn: Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory. Based on the clips we saw, I actually think she's doing a pretty good job, but those who are diehard fans of Tara Strong or Arleen Sorkin may have a bone or two to pick.

Executive producer Bruce Timm promised that Batman and Harley Quinn, which they decided to make in the wake of Harley's popularity in Suicide Squad, will be much lighter than the DC fare we've been getting lately. This doesn't give me every vote of confidence, since Timm was behind The Killing Joke, but at least he's making an effort. At least, he says he is. Still doesn't explain that weird, kinda sexual tickling scene, though.

"It's really unusual, especially compared with the movies we've been doing lately, where they have been getting you know more and more serious and more and more adult. This is definitely a left turn," Timm said.

You can check out the nine-minute featurette here. It will be included on the Teen Titans: Judas Contract Blu-Ray release on April 19.



    Shame they didn't get Sorkin back as it feel odd to have the rest of it as the old cast and the old look. Rauch didn't really shine in the snippets show either, but that may just be a personal bias.

    Also disappointed in Nightwing's lack of mullet.

    so the video has been blocked by warner bros on copyright grounds

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