Battlegrounds Player Gets Ridiculous Motorcycle Backflip Kill, Flips Out

You know those moments in games where you can't even believe what you just accomplished? This PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds kill is the epitome of that.

Streamer Jbellizzi found a motorcycle, and he decided to do what any self-respecting vehicle-owner (specifically named Evel Knievel) would do: Ramp it over a house. Then he pulled off one of the more improbable kill combos I've seen in my life:

Motorcycle backflip to knee slide double kill? It's some fucking Tony Hawk shit. And he somehow survived all of it.

"WHAT THE FUCK," Jbellizzi yelled incredulously. "What? How? I'm a god. I'm a god!"

His joy is so good and pure that I don't even mind the fact that I'm now deaf in one ear.


    Wow, that's impressive. But the dude could've played it a bit cooler.

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