Battlegrounds Player Takes Car On Underground Tunnel Rampage

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that bring us the most joy. Other times, it's big things, like cars, inside of things that should not be able to contain their screaming metal fury, like underground tunnels.

You can probably guess how this ends.

Streamer Chris Grant managed to squeeze a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds car into a bunker tunnel. He wasn't expecting to find other players lurking beneath the earth's crust, but he really, really hoped he would.

Spoiler: He did.

Just imagine it. You're hunkered down in what you believe to be a fairly defensible, well-hidden structure. You probably think you have it made in the shade, or the dim light of a place where the sun does not traditionally shine, as it were.

Then a fucking car shows up.

A junked up, smoke-belching sedan that's clearly not long for this world, and as its final act, it's gonna end you. "Oh, come on," you probably think as tyres grind your bones to chalky powder.

As if that wasn't enough, Grant then emerged from the tunnel and won a gunfight with a leaping punch to some unlucky jerk's head.

"I don't think that dude's ever gonna play the game again," said one of Grant's friends.

Bonus car-related shenanigan: PauseUnpause and friends managed to navigate a truck into a gymnasium, because the real PlayerUnknown was the dumb ideas we had along the way.


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