Big W Is Having A Big Sale On eBay Right Now

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If you're looking to get a couple of games, new console or controllers on the cheap, old mate Big Dubb is having a solid offer on eBay right now.

Using "CBIGW" as the promo code at checkout, you'll be able to get 20% off across the whole store. That means deals on a whole range of whitegoods, LEGO, TVs and bits and pieces around the home, but most importantly it means some decent offers on games.

There's no click and collect option when it comes to postage, but for a flat fee of $9.90 you can get ten items delivered in a single transaction. Anything larger, like a TV, could be hit with an additional $35 shipping fee.

As for the deals, here's a sample of what you can get:




For more deals on TVs, electronics and a metric ton of LEGO, Lifehacker has all the links below.

The Best Tech And Game Deals From Big W's Massive Ebay Sale

Big W's eBay store is having a big clearance sale across all categories; including televisions, cameras, video games, consoles, tablets, home appliances, smartphones and Lego.

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    The PS4 deal say's it's 5% off.

      It's 20% off the final checkout. So Big W has cut 5% off the listing price, and then you save another 20% at checkout.

        Will proceed to forward deal to all and sundry.

    It's also $9.90 postage, which is worth keeping in mind if you're ordering a single low value item.

      Yeah after you add postage it's only $3 off for breath of the wild. Then you gotta wait a week for postage..

    Everything of worth is sold out already.

    Can I get a Switch or NES Mini for $50?

    I grabbed horizon zero dawn and a couple of lego dimensions sets as they work out to be pretty cheap

    Careful - some items are massively overpriced.

    Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver - S5050

    BigW Ebay - $189
    Everyone else - $99

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