Blizzard’s Login Servers Are Down [Update]

Blizzard’s Login Servers Are Down [Update]

Blizzard appears to be having some server issues at time of writing, with players struggling to log in to all Blizzard games.

12:37 AM: Blizzard says game servers were taken offline deliberately, in response to an outage:

Users have been able to login and play matches, though, but given the public holiday there might be a day or two before service resumes as normal.

Update 10:47 PM: Some people are getting back into games, but things aren’t completely rectified yet:

And more recently:

This what Aussie Outages looks like right now, with a large number of people reporting issues across all Blizzard titles.

No word at this stage on what’s causing the issues, or how long it will take to resolve.

Update 10:20 PM: Blizzard hasn’t issued an update as of yet, but people are being able to login and find matches. We’ve confirmed on our end (thanks to Tegan) that people are able to login on PS4. On PC, the American login servers still appear to be down but the European and Asian servers are taking logins. Users are confirming on the Overwatch sub-reddit and social media that they can login as well, although your mileage may vary depending on the platform and game.

Update 6:34 AM: Looks like Blizzard has resolved the issue.


  • Ungh, that’s annoying. I played my first Diablo 3 yesterday and was eager to give it another pass today after I knocked over some work just now. Now I might end up getting an early night’s sleep instead, sadly.

    • So, to make sure I understand this, you decided you were going to play more DIABLO on Easter… the day of Jesus’ resurrection, and now all the servers are down?

      Coincidence? Completely, but it still amuses me xD

  • currently 1040pm as i type, and the wow mobile app, armoury app and desktop app are still down, and those in the US who have made pass (connecting) have reported getting B.Net waitime ques of 3k+ minutes

  • 11:45pm and still cannot log in to Blizzard App on PC nor can I log in to Overwatch on Xbox One.

    • I understand your feels, even on easter too! The one day I don’t have to work (7 day work schedule) I don’t get too.

  • im just upset, we pay so much for this shit and when the unthinkable happens all the public get are apologies and condolences.

    give us actual money back or a real fuckin apology mate, none of this one size fits all crap

  • Kids have been able to login to Overwatch on Xbone but had queues of over 6500 and growing.

    I have been playing Diablo 3 on Xbone the last 1.5 hours (since about 11) and the only issue I had was a slow login to access the seasonal ladder info.

  • Whenever you bring up always online being stupid for single-player there’s that one guy that says “Maybe you should get better internet”, my internet is fine yet I still cannot play.

    With the servers down I will have to go and talk to my family and its all the fault of Blizzard.

  • Wow, the rage… this stuff happens. Play something else. Most people have more than one game.

  • “Grrr, the game is down! Blizzard need to fix it or give our money back!”

    Never mind that the game has been up almost every day of the year outside of Tuesday maintenance… nope, Blizzard OWE you money for this inconvenience.

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