Brazilian League Player Suspended After Tweeting Racist Jokes

Red Canids were set to be a team to watch in League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, which kicks off today, but now they're in the spotlight for an entirely different reason. After posting a racist joke to Twitter, Felipe "YoDa" Noronha has been served with a three-game suspension, and a $US2000 ($2678) fine.

Image credit: YoDa, Facebook

Noronha made several derogatory comments about the players hailing from Japan, using an intentional misspelling of the word for "chicken" to mock their pronunciation. After it rocketed up the front page of Reddit, Noronha removed the tweet, but another user had already screen-capped the message.

Noronha went on to publish and delete several apology tweets, and Riot Games issued their punishment last night. The three-game suspension benches Noronha for at least the first few rounds of MSI, on top of lightening his wallet.

Calling attention to previous rulings for players like Road and Svenskeren, Riot Games noted that the severity of Noronha's language is what merited a three-game suspension, as opposed to a single match, though previous cases would have merited a more serious response in today's ecosystem.

Noronha posted an apology video on Facebook, stating his opinions and posts do not reflect the principles of his team, Red Canids.

Red Canids has yet to issue any statement. We reached out to the organisation, but had not heard back at time of writing.


    BR in a lot of games are...
    Well, I don't want a $2K fine.

    Good to see companies in gaming are finally acting and often, regarding things like this. Now if only YouTube does something about all the misogynist gamers that it allows through its system. The world has moved on, about time the dinosaurs learned their place.

      just your opinion, its not misogynist to make a funny joke which is 99 percent of the time

        its nothing to do with opinion, its just called manners, if the only way a person can be funny is at the expense of someone's sex, or skin colour they really arent that funny at all. in fact they arent even original. its like a bully calling someone with glasses, four eyes. Guaranteed about the only person laughing is themselves. most other people watching are just rolling eyes at how pathetic the bully is.

      I would love that that were the case, but sadly it isn't. As we've all learned in recent times, the world in fact hasn't moved on - people are just as terrible as ever, it's just they've been relatively quiet for the last wee while. Certain political movements have caused them all to rise from the sewers and voice what should be stone-age sentiments by now, but we are learning their thoughts are just as prevalent now as ever before.

      Agreed. Hopefully YouTube can stamp out the MRA imbeciles soon.

        There are a lot (like MGTOW) that are purely hateful, but if you are going to sit there and tell me all MRAs are bad, then you are an idiot. There are some that purely focus on real issues like the suicide rates and custody bias.

          so as long as they are doing something positive its okay to be thoroughly pathetic and hurt others in the process. MRA are just sad loser males, with small epeens and even smaller brains, scared that they are no longer the dominate force in society. Seemingly every female with an opinion for which they dont empathise is someone an enemy or worry of their hate.

          PS there is a reason why custody bias exists, and like a lot of rubbish those 'men' go on about, its not about bias but there lack of comprehension for fine detail but about trying to make a laughable political statement about men.

            How is it any different to Feminism? It quite literally is just the same thing for 90% of both camps, but with the subject matter changed. You talk about them being women haters, but you clearly have a chip on your shoulder about men.

            There are real issues that men face and are largely ignored by the general media because they are too busy talking about the issues women face. Just because you don't think the higher male suicide rate is a problem doesn't magically mean its not; when 4/5 of suicides being male is a compelling example of how there is something going wrong out there and no one wants to address it.

            Custody bias is real, as some one who as a child watched the very real problem of a crack addict alcoholic woman being given custody of a newborn because "a mother shouldn't be separated from her baby", let me tell you that it is not a joke.

            "its not about bias but there lack of comprehension for fine detail but about trying to make a laughable political statement about men." Comprehension, aye?

            Maybe try getting out of that social science class and experience the real world where EVERYONE has problems and not just some protected class.

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              4/5 of suicides being male is a result of toxic attitudes to masculinity. Men aren't allowed to express emotions openly, have iron-age expectations of how to behave in life, are bullied and harassed by other men in the 'food chain'.

              Custody bias is indeed real, also because of the reality that in the majority of cases males make the worse caregivers, due to toxic masculinity issues. Head to your local domestic violence shelter and spend the day there. YES WE KNOW MEN SUFFER DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TOO but yeah, in a fraction of the instances and it's not culturally promoted,

              If you, and your MRA friends, genuinely want to fix these issues, then trying to do so from within an echo chamber of the actual ground zero of what causes them is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

              The reason these things happen is because most men are too afraid to look at themselves and admit that much of what they are taught is 'masculine' is in fact horrid nonsense arising from millennia of patriarchal social control. And before the "P" word triggers you, yes, the vast majority of human history has indubitably seen male control of all societies.

              Stop being Exhibit A for the prosecution and then we can have a proper talk about what you are allegedly concerned about.

                Mate, you don't know anything about me. You instantly broad brushed me. You assume that I am an MRA because I think a couple of issues that are effecting men need to be discussed, ignoring that I openly stated that 90% of MRAs are toxic. If I were to forced to fit into any group it would be equalitarian, basically I want everyone to have a chance, but I think enforcing quotas, social standards and rules that stop people from being able to express themselves are wrong.

                A lot of your argument seems like you haven't actually seen these issues first hand, almost like you read it somewhere and took it at face value rather than questioning it.

                P word?

                My father used to date this woman, Annette. She was the lady he had custody issues with for a kid they had together (she put holes in their condoms). Anyway, she was a mad druggy in secret, always running off to her friends house for the entire day and only returning late at night. After it came out that she was pregnant and admitted to the condoms she started going off the rails. She was staying with us and at night would go intfo fits breaking things and throwing stuff at my dad. As she was pregnant he refused to defend himself (though I saw him shove her off him once). One night it was so bad that we left, driving back into Dixon (canberra) to a mate of my fathers house. He tried calling a support centre, but all I remember was them hanging up on him after he tried to explain the situation.

                My dad is a shitty person with a shitty life; not because of the patriarchy or any other big foot level crazy idea, but because everyone around him was just as shitty and he was just not strong enough to rise above his issues.

                You confuse a small handful of mostly white rich men as a institution controlling everything and seem to throw all lifes short comings on them. Everybody has problems mate, they are not some product of men being men.

                  And you confuse almost 50% of humanity with Annette.

                  If I were to forced to fit into any group it would be equalitarian'

                  'but I think enforcing quotas, social standards and rules that stop people from being able to express themselves are wrong.'

                  ....aaaaand there's your problem. The fact you act like you don't even seem to be aware of the massive power imbalances in society must be creating an unholy level of cognitive dissonance between your ears.

                  You're about as far from an 'equalitarian' as it gets. I'm sure you're not a bad person, you've just had experiences that make you think bad things aren't that bad.

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