Build-A-Bear Have Some Great Keyboards

Because you may not have been inside one of these stores in a long time/ever, let me show you that Build-a-Bear have some of the most amazing keyboards on planet Earth.

I was in a store on the weekend with my kid, bracing myself for the pricing for a birthday party, when I saw another child hammering away on a keyboard at the computer station where custom bears are designed. A keyboard that looked amazing.

Because you may not believe me, look at this shit:

I know, it takes a while for your eyes to focus, because there are so many things in competition for their attention.

  • There's the Ren & Stimpy-arse font.

  • The colour-coded function keys.

  • The fact it looks very much like the mother of all keyboards, an IBM Model M (which sadly it's not...the case may be, but they are definitely not mechanical keys).

For me, though, the best part is the bear button. Because there is a bear button.

Just sitting there, smilin'. On most of our keyboards, that's a Windows logo, but here? A cute lil' bear face.

You can't seem to be able to buy these, which is a shame. Meaning the only way you'll get to enjoy one short of some arts & craft modifications is if you can find your nearest store, walk in, kick a kid off their special day's work and ask the staff why Battlefield isn't installed.


    meanwhile the staff at the tea tree plaza store hate them due to them breaking all the time.

    No. Just no. Jesus I wouldn't be able to stand using a keyboard with that font...

    Looks horrible :P

    FYI you can buy PLENTY of different custom keycaps on the internet. Practically everything you can imagine hehe

    Generally Cherry MX compatible. Go nuts lol

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