Burnout Creators Try To Turn Crash Mode Into A Game Again

Burnout Creators Try To Turn Crash Mode Into A Game Again

Last year a small independent development studio lead by Criterion Games veterans Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward released Dangerous Golf, a game that was basically Burnout‘s Crash Mode without cars. With Danger Zone, due out next month for PC and PS4, they’re trying it with cars. Excellent.

Crash Mode was my favourite part of Burnout 3: Takedown, as I am much better at running into things than I am at dodging them gracefully. Last year’s Dangerous Golf promised the same sort of experience in a different setting, but it fumbled the execution. You know what was missing? These things:

Danger Zone takes the show back out on the road. Players will be charged with tearing apart 20 single-player crash scenarios. They will try to cause enough chaos during the initial impact to initiate a SmashBreaker, which slows things down and gives them a little more control over their flaming wreck to earn more points. They aren’t even changing the name for this. SmashBreaker! That’s what were getting in Danger Zone.

The new vehicular destruction puzzle game that’s really the beloved old one with a new name will be out on PC and PlayStation 4 next month for $US12.99 ($17). Australian pricing has not yet been confirmed.

Somebody tell Lana. She really needs to know.


  • I only kinda liked dangerous golf. It had some very clever stuff in it, deep object interaction, but the controls or the theme didnt sit right.

    But yeah, give me takedowns crash mode! Man, I’d kill for a remake of that game with the original soundtrack.

    • I’ve spent almost an entire day in dangerous golf. I have completed all the tours and replayed a fair number going for gold/platinum.
      I have also played a bit with my 2 year old who like “Crash game”

    • I really didn’t like what I played of Takedown’s crash mode, much more preferred Point Of Impact’s.

  • Nearly everyone is making a huge mistake linking Crash mode with Burnout 3 – Crash mode was a highlight in BO2 (because it was simple and quite “pure”, no wind or explosions or other crap that actually detracts from the fun), but it was in fact Burnout 3’s Road Rage mode that was the real star of that game, yet I haven’t heard anyone mention it yet. Also, if this Danger Zone is actually the thing that has been alluded to in the past as a “Burnout successor”, then that’s a really disappointing bit of news.

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