Japanese TV Show Asks ‘Can You Tell What’s Chocolate And What Isn’t?’

Japanese TV Show Asks ‘Can You Tell What’s Chocolate And What Isn’t?’
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Perhaps, this gentleman is biting a door handle. Or perhaps, he is eating a door handle made of chocolate.

In Japan, “sokkuri sweets” (“sokkuri” or そっくり means “looks like”) are deserts and confectionaries that look like other things. Traditionally, they look like other food — for example, here are some cakes that look exactly like ramen noodles.

On a recent Japanese television program, members of boy band Tokio and other celebrities were shown a room filled with several things that were actually sokkuri sweets — made from chocolate or sugar or whatnot.

The guests had to bite the items that they thought were, in fact, sugary treats.

So is this a shoe or is it sweets?

It’s a shoe.

Is this a picture frame or sweets?

A picture frame.

A glass table or a sweet table?

“Crunch.” Sweets!

Apparently, several kilograms of candy were used to make the “glass,” which apparently tastes delicious.

And the table legs?


But what about the calendar?

It’s made of calendar.

And the hanger? Surely, that’s a chocolate hanger.

Nope! Just a hanger.

This might look like a plant, but it’s sokkuri sweets!

The white shoes were shoes, but what about the brown shoes?

Chocolate shoes! The entire shoes are chocolate — even the laces and the stitching.

And this hat?

A chocolate hat! But, what about the door handle?




    • Because someone would whine about it being unsafe and lead their kids to start eating doorknobs, costing a fortune in dental bills. 😛

      • And yet without sounding like a massive dick we make fat people run until they can’t breath any more? Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?

        Guess eating chocolate isn’t nearly as popular as heart attacks in the making.

    • Because we become very stubborn on live tv.. “You must be mad, look you are bleeding. No really you are bleeding. That wasn’t toffee. No Really. Look. No. Stop. Really. STOP! STOP EATING GLASSWARE!”

  • The table was kind of obvious to anyone who has ever seen real glass, in that it was far more yellow, while actual glass is green.

    • uhhh, you know that there’s this thing called coloured glass right? blue, yellow, red, purple, any colour really.

  • Lol Japan and their weird TV shows…. Hard to pick my favorite out of all of them, really like Takeshi’s Castle, but Hole in the Wall is pretty damn funny as well. hmmmmm

    • Years ago I worked with the set construction team on an episode of Takeshi’s Castle that was filmed on Bare Island, an old coastal gunfort in Sydney. The were the funniest guys I’ve met, from the production heads to the grunts. All of them practical jokers (almost dangerously so) One lunchtime at the catering table one of them put a mousetrap in a salad bowl with lettuce delicately placed over it. I wondered why they were staring as I picked up some tongs (I thought I did something culturally wrong at first). Then the trap bit the tongs, I freaked and lobbed em, landing right in the director’s miso bowl. I thought I was fired but all of them absolutely howled with laughter over it. As we built the set that week a lot of stuff was jerry-rigged and made up as we went along. Definitely an OHS nightmare, but one of the best weeks with some of the best folks I’ve ever met. The crew’s humour certainly shines through when ever I watch an episode.

  • “It’s made of calendar!”

    I don’t know why but I found that really funny! 😀

    Yeah… I’m weird, I know xD

  • That guy looks far too happy (and slightly crazy looking) in that last gif. He also seems to do a little eyebrow raise, almost like he’s coming on to someone off camera. I guess he’s just really happy it was a food and not a door handle (apparently door handles have more germs than toilet seats).

    • Deified Carp, you’re right. The things you don’t notice on fast internet speeds. I pity anyone on a strict quota or mobile…

  • Door-Handle Eating Guy is the best! Look at that face! 😀
    Aww, and the poor girl eating the calendar tried really hard to make it look like it was food. Good on her.
    It would be awesome to have some of our celebs take part in something like this; you can never take yourself seriously again once you’ve gnawed on a table on national television.

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