Car Crash Pile-Up Knocks Forza Racer Out Of Invitational

Car Crash Pile-Up Knocks Forza Racer Out Of Invitational

This weekend’s Forza Motosport 6 Invitational has showcased a solid amount of sim racing, but one pile-up led to a well-known racer missing the grand finals.

Competitive Forza, at least in this tournament, enforces penalties for racers who get a little too close. After a few bumps and bruises during a semifinal race, the commentators announced there would be some adjudication for the last race.

A player under the name “Rossi,” at some point, caused a crash that hung up a few cars. Though there was no replay of the event, best we can tell it was this corner:

You can see Rossi get hung up on the corner, leaving the cars behind him to slam the brakes and hit either the wall or each other. This was far from the only virtual pile-up in the race, as one occurred in the first lap between several drivers in more spectacular fashion.

Though it was ruled un-intentional, Rossi’s pile-up still earned him a ten-second deduction, knocking him from third to fifth and out of running for the grand finals of the invitational. The referee/adjudicator went on-stream to discuss the ruling a little, sadly, sans-replay:

The players are currently taking part in a showmatch before the grand finals, where a $US100,000 ($131,941) prize pool awaits the best racers. At least in sim racing, the pile-ups are 100-per cent fun.


  • As a car lover and keen gamer I love Forza and Project Cars et al. But I hate online multiplayer car games that allow collision and therefore the ability to shunt people out of races — all it takes is intentional late (or no) breaking from an opponent and you’re history.

        • Sim racing with no physical contact between vehicles? U serious bro?

          You’re not entirely wrong – Forza over Xbox Live with random retards sucks, yes – but that’s why you join one of the many clubs to play with people who make an effort to race properly.

  • Much like when Grosjean handed Alonso’s 2012 F1 championship title to Vettel in Spa. We knew it was over right then and there.

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