Catwoman Is Bringing Exploding Motorbikes To Injustice 2

She's also bringing cats, of course — they don't call her catwoman for nothing. But the exploding bike is a surprising touch.

Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Another day has come, which means inevitably more looks at Neatherrealm Studio's upcoming DC comics brawler Injustice 2 — and although we'd already seen a glimpse of Selina in action earlier, a new video gives us a better look at her role in the game and the deadly new moves she'll bring to the table... including that motorbike.

Story-wise, the interesting thing here is the dialogue exchange between Catwoman and Harley Quinn about setting up a new version of the Gotham City Sirens. In the first game, Harley eventually sided with Batman and his resistance against the total superjerk that is Injustice's Superman, so it's cool to see that she still has plans for some form of heroism. Plus, a Gotham City Sirens group with Harley, Selina and "Kate and Babs" (presumably Batwoman and Batgirl) sounds like a hell of a team-up, even if Selina doesn't seem to agree. While her loyalties in the new game seem just as secretive as they were in the first, at least we know one thing: Catwoman's gonna bring some sweet moves (and, to reiterate, exploding motorbikes) to the table in the new game.

Injustice 2 is due out May 17.


    So what's the difference between Catwoman and Cheetah?

      One is the wife of Urzkartaga, the plant god; the other is a thief. Cat theming is completely unrelated.

        I meant in terms of play style. They both seem to be the same rush down type.

          I dunno, as far as I can see Catwoman seems to be more combo/juggle and cheetah seems to be engage disengage.

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