Computer Learns To Create Its Own Pokemon, And They're Great

You can train a Neural Network — basically a machine that learns — to do all kinds of things. The best thing you can train it to do, though, is to create a list of its own fake Pokemon. Please welcome Stangute, Tortabool and Ronch to the Pokedex.

Image: Iguanamouth

"I decided to train [a] neural network to randomly generate Pokemon names and abilities based on this list as a training set - and found that it was good at generating Pokemon", writes research scientist Janelle Shane on her blog. "Annoyingly good at it - by the time it had gone through the training set 50 times, it was already fluently plagiarizing Pokemon word for word."

Here's a list of some of the pocket monsters it has come up with:

Quincelax Abilities: Sturdy, Secene Grace Hidden ability: Tunged Leus

Tortabool Ability: Healy Stream

Strangy Abilities: Wharmwbra, Darp Hidden ability: Magic Guard

Staroptor Ability: Stench Hidden Ability: Stick Hat

Stangute Ability: Banger Hidden Ability: Drang

Tyrnakine Ability: Beak Eye

Minma Abilities: Buttery armour, Shell Armour Hidden ability: Weak armour

Ronch Abilities: None

Mawuh Ability: Rum Power

We are all Ronch.

The only thing that would make the list better would be if we knew what these Pokemon looked like, so big thanks to Lauren "Iguanamouth" Dawson for illustrating a bunch of them.

Image: Iguanamouth

If you're interested in the neural network and what else it can do besides Pokemon, Shane is also teaching it superhero names and a Lovecraft/cookbook mashup.


    This needs to go further. Surely you could also build a list of stats, typings, etc as well. Perhaps with the right kind of neural net generate the images also (might be pushing it on that one, though).
    Generate 150 of them, and build a rom hack around them. Or build a custom pokemon game that procedurally generates new ones constantly with a pre-trained network

    To all those who don't understand the interest in machine learning - forward them this link.

    At least they'll get it :)

    I can't decide what ability I want more in the actual games; Banger, Rum Power or Buttery Armour.

    It's the same tech that Kotaku uses to randomly generate all those Overwatch stories.

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