Dallas, Your Cosplay Is Very Good

From March 31 to April 2, Fan Expo Dallas was held in Texas, and there was some fantastic cosplay on show, from some tiny Lannisters to a giant Godzilla.

Mineralblu was there taking some photos and shooting a vid, which you can see below. If you want to see more, you can check out more pics at his Facebook page.

Cosplay by Imaginary FX

Cosplay by Alex DeBerry

Cosplay by Leah DeBerry

Cosplay by Kaia

Cosplay by Friscoblondie

Cosplay by Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey

Cosplay by Karli Woods

Cosplay by Jennybelly & Brett Strassner

Cosplay by Jennybelly

Cosplay by Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey

Cosplay by Monika Lee

Cosplay by Hane


    Hot damn that Blade one is on POINT. Wolver-gief looks good, Carol is excellent and Artemis looks great.

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