Destiny Really Wants You To Pre-Order Destiny 2

Destiny, a three-year pre-order bonus for Destiny 2, is pretty open about its intentions these days. This is the screen you'll get when you log into Bungie's space shooter, which is currently in the midst of an event called Age of Triumph that celebrates Destiny's best moments.

I don't think I've ever seen a video game brazenly encourage you to go buy its sequel, but hey, there's never been a video game quite like Destiny.


    I normally don't pre-order (particularly when there is no advantage) but given I love Destiny, I want the PC Deluxe Edition with all the do-dads and a copy of the normal PS4 version (for shits and giggles and because I want to bring across my Destiny day 1 hunter, cos I like his hair do) and I will be playing the Beta.

    I have placed a deposit with my local EB Games and shall be on their doorstep at 12am release date in September. I shall then wait for a majority of the 60Gb of the game to download over my newly acquired NBN service that will no doubt be slower than it is now.

    I'm as happy as a puppy with 2 tails!

      this is a long ass comment full of nothing

      nobody cares about your schedule

    I do wonder if Destiny might be crossplay with the Xbox (actually, good question, is Destiny on PC a Steamworks title because Activision, a title because its still odd Activision doesn't have its own (full) distribution network? Or even a Windows Store title.

      Most Activision published titles are on Steam. I doubt it'll run through the Blizzard service (I know it's owned by the same parent company, but they're operated seperately).

      I'm holding out hope for a Win10 release for some Xbox achievements because I'm a petty man and I want the best of both worlds (PC and Xbox).

      #GFWL4Lyf hahaha... Blizzard hahaha... I dont think Bungie even knows how to find them on the corporate directory.

      Destiny came out with multiplayer issues that make 10 years old World of Warcraft players roll their eyes back in their skulls. Game stability, random loot, exploits, cheese, pve vs pvp balancing, and loot farming were huge issues and Bungie decided to release a 10 year franchise on a game engine they couldnt sustain that they had to just reboot the universe and wipe all characters.

      Nothing like showing your commitment to your current title, by showing how you willing to drop it like a dead dog and reboot the online world, by advertising the new version in the old one. They really need to sit down and tell the consumers what they learned from Destiny, what they plan for Destiny 2... and why should we invest time in Destiny 2 if the loot grind just ends in Destiny 3 taking all your stuff again.

        The main reason I can see for D2 being a complete fresh start is that Bungie didn't plan out the loot scaling, and how attached people would get to their items. We're talking about a company whose biggest online game prior to this was Halo multiplayer, rather than the hybrid RPG/FPS that Destiny is.

        Bad planning and a poor initial concept for progression is what has caused the reset, rather than a lack of commitment. The game has improved massively over the last 3 years, but needs a clean slate to take full advantage of those improvements because of the cobbled together changes to the levelling and loot systems.

        Plus, hopefully this time they won't scrap the plot they've been working on right before launch so we get the shitshow of pretentiousness and generic nouns as Proper Nouns that was the original campaign for D1.

        As someone who loved the shit out of Destiny for 700+ hours can you please give me some wonderful examples of sequel games that allowed people to carry everything over into the sequel? Destiny was never made as a 10 year game, it is a franchise and there is meant to be a 2nd and 3rd game. Why have loot carry over into a new game? The next game is meant to have better stuff, they might bring back variants of old favorites, but why would you want Destiny 2 if you are just going through the motions with all the same gear.

    Not a chance, I'll be waiting to see how it all goes before I spend a cent.

    I'm hoping though.

    Fuck preorders in the ass with a Horizon Omega.

      Normally i'd agree, pre-orders are almost always a terrible idea that's against the consumer's best interests. However this particular pre-order gets you content before the release of the game (Beta access), and that definitely makes it more a more attractive proposition. I loved Destiny and am super keen to play the sequel in whatever form I can as soon as possible, I'll definitely be buying the game, so I may as well pre-order and get beta access too.

        Yeah but you are still putting money down for a product that you have no idea about the quality of. Pre-ordering isn't worth the risk, it's always best to wait until you see some actual gameplay and player feedback before you put money down.

          I do know the quality of it though. I think the chances of Bungie delivering something less than the quality of Destiny 1 is very low (especially considering they really have something to prove with it) and it has been my favourite experience this generation. Whether or not you agree with its quality personally is irrelevant for me as an individual consumer.

          Even more than that, Bungie have a very very consistent track record. It's not like pre-ordering something like The Division which was an unknown quantity or even Destiny 1. There's more than enough information to make the call.

        Adding to that, if the beta is crap, you can cancel the pre order.

        *early* beta access, the beta itself is open you don't need to pre-order to play it.

        Uh i can't decide whether to pre-order now or not... it depends - how long do people think until the beta access arrives? Like can I wait till just before the beta access to pre-order, or will they remove beta-cess for pre-ordering if you pre-order once the beta is already out??!? Help, how does this usually work?

          I'm waiting for a while, the pre-orders would at least be live after May 18th (the first gameplay reveal) so i'm going to make the call after that.

    I wonder how much of the main game will be turned into the expansions this time? I wonder if they will have time to explain why they dont have time to explain the lack of story or content that has plagued Destiny since day 1 and will likely continue to do so into the sequel? Will the Destiny fanclub finally come to terms with reality and admit Destiny was a shallow, hollow game now the sequel is on the way? HOLY SHIT CABAL THEMED EMBLEM!!!!!!! SOLD!

    "I don't think I've ever seen a video game brazenly encourage you to go buy its sequel"
    This is a very common practice, surprised you haven't seen it before - battlefield and call of duty have been doing it for ages, with banners and rss style feeds in the game menus encouraging you to try the new version of the game.

    I would play this Beta for one reason: To see if you can ROTATE your character model in the player creation bit.

    I mean i'll still buy it because of peer pressure, I just don't want to have a john connor/space nazi look again... although now that i've typed the words...

    Got the collector's edition preorder for both Destiny and The Taken King, and the feelies were impressive, the quality compared to some other CEs I've seen is really good. Both on display on my nerd shelves. I didn't stop playing because I didn't like it, when I made the generation jump I lost my regular party members, and missed the social aspect.

    Will dive back in for Destiny 2. Will I get the CE? Dunno.

    I have a healthy scepticism for any company trying to flog the shit out of pre-orders, especially when the game has only just been announced. I might put down a small deposit to see what the beta is like.

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