Don't Expect More New Episodes Of Rick And Morty Any Time Soon

Hey, did everyone enjoy the surprise premiere of Rick and Morty season three? Did you think it meant — as it often does — that the season proper would start airing after it? Well, hold your horses because you have a couple of months to wait.

Image: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty's season three premiere aired as a surprise on Sunday, and it gave the show a lot of places to go in the rest of the season. Unfortunately, according to Adult Swim's press release, the rest of season three won't be airing until "later this summer", so later this winter in Australia.

Which could mean anything from mid-May (when summer holidays starts for some in the US) to the actual start of US summer/Australian winter in late June. That's a long time to stew over the premiere. Somehow, giving us one episode and then making us wait feels less like a reverse April Fools and more like a crueller joke than showing us nothing.


    Eh... after the constant rumors and "reports" of release dates for the show being wrong, I've just lost hope of ever seeing it properly. If it comes out, awesome! Great news, but for now, it's like Half Life 3 to me.

      Considering the producers have at least acknowledged that they're making more (and released one!) I'd say it's nothing like HL3

    Was discussing with a friend a couple of weeks ago actually, about how good Rick and Morty is for sci fi. Pretty much every episode nails it in one way or the other for science fiction, and for such vastly different reasons. Whether its a Fly type scenario, or ripping Jurassic Park, it just gets it right.

    Also lets everyone have "which is the best ep" arguments for years :) Which, as everyone knows, was the Council of Ricks episode.

      I could rewatch the episode where ee meet Mr. Poopy Butthole every day for a year and not get sick of it, it's definitely the best.

    The season premiere was amazing. A strong start to hopefully a strong season.

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