Early Mass Effect: Andromeda Art Shows Some Very Different Characters

Early Mass Effect: Andromeda Art Shows Some Very Different Characters

Former BioWare UI designer Eric Bellefeuille posted a large gallery of his work this week, and it offers a fascinating look at some early versions of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Above, for example, is a snapshot of some strikingly different characters, including an odd Peebee and a resoundingly Donald Glover-looking Liam Kosta. Another shot shows what appears to be a different default version of Ryder:

And a closer look:

Some other shots I found interesting:

You can check out the whole gallery here.


  • Pfft, nah, I prefer Kosta the way he is. The peebee here looks a little bit too much like Abbath from Immortal….Actually…Abbath in a mass effect game would be fricken awesome….*Thinks about this for a while* ….yes…indeed he would be.

  • Ah, yes. The “Let’s design the look before we’ve constructed the engine” prelims. Pretty much went according to plan… though I’ve a feeling the “dark, edgy reboot” vibe got tossed in favour of something a little more inviting, perhaps?

    I really should get back into that again…

  • Cora looks way better!! Doesn’t matter what Kosta looks like he’s still the stupidest character ever written in a mass effect game!! If I had to pick between killing him kaiden or Ashley I’d pick kosta every time!!
    Got to admit I like current pee bee but still makes no sense that she is the only diff looking asari in the whole andromeda galaxy some body in bEAware screwed up AGAIN

    • I kinda like this version of Peebee, I think it would work with the silliness of her character. Although, I felt she (and most others) was really out of place in either case, given the situation they were in.
      Cora looks awesome here, they probably couldn’t pull that off in-engine though.

  • So your telling me there was a time before all mass effect 4 females got beaten with the ugly stick and didn’t look like dudes.

  • Really not sure about that first picture to be completely honest. On the left side with the full shot of Drack his name is “Nakmor Drack”, but then in the thumbnail on the right it’s “Narmor Drack”, plus Cora is an ‘Asari’ (?) and Peebee is an ‘Asarian’. On top of all of that, Cora from the first photo is the same as the Ryder in the 6th photo and the Cora in the 2nd photo is the same as the ryder in the 7th photo.
    This seems to me like it’s more of a show off of the UI and put any random photos we can find out there, which makes sense since these are from a UI designer. I doubt the models in the images were given any thought of who/what they actually were.

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