Elite Players Find A Giant Derelict Spaceship

The Elite Dangerous community, no stranger to long-running and elaborate in-game mysteries, is currently in the midst of another, with players having followed some clues to find a massive ship that's just drifting out there, alone in space, with nobody left alive onboard.

Image: Shabooka

Elite: Dangerous Players Have Finally Found Aliens

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As Eurogamer reports, the ship appears to be part of a storyline that was begun in an official tie-in novel three years ago, and through some clues has led players to a system in which the megaship Zurara — one of the biggest ships in the game — is just sitting there.

What makes this interesting is that unscripted anomalies like this in a game of this scale are always unique and incredibly rare. Especially so when players found that this derelict ship not only has logs that can be scanned, but those logs play out as audio files, something you almost never see (well, hear) in Elite.

Image: Shabooka

There are theories that the discovery isn't just an isolated incident, and that it's in fact linked to a growing storyline involving all of the game's major factions and, maybe, those aliens as well.

All of which is a very cool, slow-burning treat for a game that began as little more an an interstellar trucking simulator, and has slowly grown into quite the space adventure mystery.


    Poor neglected Elite. I'll get back to playing you again soon, I swear ;_;

      Both Elite and Star are quickly fading to black. I have hopes for both, but find it easier to not pay attention.

        It's more that I'm just far too caught up playing friggen Splatoon endlessly. And still have Zelda to get back to as well. Not enough hours in the day :P

    So much shame I need to work through before I get back into this game.

    Unscripted? More like very scripted, this was intentional after all.

    I like things like this and would like to play Elite again, but then I remember most of the game is drifting aimlessly with nothing to really do.

    2 more generation ships already discovered.
    Went and checked them out last night. The audio logs are really, really well done.

      I didn't get out there last night, but I did get my rep with EDA Kunti League up to Cordial and getting better missions in Kunti now. 2 million in the bank. So I'll either buff the Cobra or pick up a DBX and then get out to the generation ships for a gander.

      Shame Sunday's big event starts at 4am AET. :(

    I can't seem to get anywhere with elite. I'm just grinding for pennies all the time and never seem to get anywhere.

      PC or XBox? If PC I will happily take you out to make some sweet sweet money and have some fun.

      Last night I winged up with an old wingmate (in his absolutely TANKED Corvette...) and a newb in a Cobra. We spent 20 mins in a hazardous resource site, and came out with a couple of million credits each.

      Feel free to ask me for advice...

    I havent logged back in since I accidentally shot the spaceport while trying to dock my first ship :(

      Last night I got caught by a bug that very occasionally occurs when trying to dock while in a wing. It applies continual thrust in one direction... given that the station is spinning, that direction is changing relative to the landing pad...

      My wingmate cackling with laughter watching me trying to land was not helpful... :)

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