Fine Art: It's A Lot Of Work To Make Just One Video Game Poster

When Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was officially announced, alongside the trailer came the release of this poster image, which you're going to see a lot of over the next six months. And when you do, be sure to notice how much devil is in its details.

Rather than just being the work of one guy who was told "make a poster", when it comes to producing key art for a big video game in 2017, more people end up working on it than many entire games.

Duties were split across two companies, with work done at both DICE and production studio Goodbye Kansas. Wojtek Fus was responsible for sketching the top and bottom scenes out, after which an entire team of artists step in to finish the job. Chris Brandstrom and Sven Juhlin modelled the three main characters you see in the centre of the image. Anton Grandert did the VFX you see all over the thing, while Anton Palmqvist also contributed art.

Joseph McLamb and Andree Wallin (along with Grandert) then handled art direction for the final image, while Johan Sundbaum, Viktoria Anselm and Laura Black produced.

As you're seeing here in these close-ups, there are several areas of the poster which would be incredibly-detailed standalone images in their own right.

But here, they're just helping out. Think of this as a big Where's Wally, only you're trying to find Rebel Scum instead of a dude in a hat.

All that, just for one image. Video games!

You can click on the image below to take a look at the full, final image.


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