Fine Art: The Art Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Here is a massive collection — one of the biggest we’ve run in a long time — of concept, character and level art from the latest Mass Effect game.

Some of those whose art is being shown, like Senior Concept Artist Ben Lo, have had their work featured on Kotaku before. And while this isn’t every piece ever done for the game, it’s a wide range of material that should give you a great insight into what went into the making of Andromeda.

Like I said, it isn't often we get to feature so much art from so many people involved in the making of a game, so enjoy. Think of this as a coffee table art book for those without coffee tables.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.

BEN LO, Senior Concept Artist

BRIAN SUM, Senior Concept Artist

THOMAS PRINGLE, Senior Concept Artist


RAMIL SUNGA, Senior Concept Artist

HERBERT LOWIS, Lead Character Artist

FURIO TEDESCHI, Senior Character Artist

CHRISTOPHER CAO, Senior Concept Artist

FREDERIC DAOUST, Character Artist

JOE BOTARDO, Senior Character Artist

MATHEW MAKIN, Character Artist

PATRIK KARLSSON, Principal Character Artist

BEN LEWIS, Senior Artist


Note that while these have individual credits, obviously not everything in these images (characters, lighting and so on) was the work of the artist credited. Instead, the credit reflects the environment work they were primarily responsible for.


    didn't realise the planetary animals was that detailed

    then again it's prob hard to tell when they are trying to eat you haha

      Yeah, it's pretty impressive, it's a shame that often some of the environment lighting doesn't allow for full appreciation sometimes

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