GameCube Games, Running On A Samsung Phone

GameCube Games, Running On A Samsung Phone

Take a look at this video by GuruAidTechSupport, showing a new Samsung Galaxy S8 running the Dolphin emulator (for GameCube and Wii games) almost flawlessly.

Dolphin has been available on Android for a while now, but mostly as an experimental/developmental tool, not as a practical way to play games (mostly because performance was completely garbage).

This year, on this kind of hardware (last year’s phones weren’t quite there), it’s ready to play games. I mean, this isn’t just footage of Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker and Smash Bros. running, they’re running nice and smooth, and while the on-screen buttons are a nightmare, it’s a cinch to get a Bluetooth controller working on an Android phone.

I’m sure loads of people would love to buy and play GameCube games on their new Switch consoles, but until Nintendo can actually make that happen, I guess loads of people will make do with stuff like this.


  • couldn’t pay me enough to use those on screen overlay buttons to play any type of game.

    • As prices come down they’ll have hand helds with controls like the jxd and gpd xd systems that will run it

        • He’s talking about consoles that run classic Nintendo games.

          So not Nintendo consoles.

          • You’re kidding right? Last time I checked the Xbone had more N64 gamed than the WiiU.

            For a company obsessed with the past Nintendo’s BC offerings are comically inept. Can you even get GC games on the WiiU? Is it still $15 for the N64 games and $7 for 20+ year old SNES games?

          • Let see. The Wii, Wii U and Swich (soon to be) are all consoles. Check one.

            Can they run classic Nintendo games? Yes. Check two.

            Seems to check out.

          • Technically you’re correct and I could technically say the same about the Xbone. I’ve got 4-5 N64 games on there. Not only that but most of them are 360 games I didn’t have to buy twice!! Shocking!

            Ita also got Beyond Good and Evil which is one more Gamecube game than the WiiU has.

            Nintendo’s BC is comically shit. Small inconsistent libraries full of missed opportunities, stupid pricing, double charging… For a company that’s been in the middle of AAA game drought for the past 20 years you’d think they’d get their shit together.

          • There was no mention of numbers at all. Just if they are there. They are. No not technically correct, actually correct.

          • Good for you. You took something you read on the internet literally and carried on with your same point even after I acknowledged that yes, they do have some BC games.

            You are correct both technically and actually. As noted several posts above, I am fully aware that Nintendo have offered some classic games as part of the shitty service on their old consoles.

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