Gaming Themed Drinks 'HP' And 'MP' Launched In South Korea

Not only were the drinks HP and MP created for those who enjoy gaming, but also as a way to help cut sugar consumption.

[Images: ekdp]

The Korea Times reports that the drinks, created by Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, have 120 kilocalories each, and the company says this is 30 per cent lower than other carbonated drinks available in South Korea. HP and MP are positioning themselves as healthier alternatives.

[Image: ekdp]

[Image: ekdp]

As tipster Sang points out, the company has brought in Korean cosplay collective Spiral Cats to help promote the beverages.

[Image: ekdp]

[Image: ekdp]

[Image: ekdp]

HP not only contains grape and aronia juice, but also 100mg of the amino acid taurine, which supposedly helps with things like neurological development and regulating mineral levels in blood. MP is a fizzy apple juice drink with 100mg of theanine, which is found in teas and which could help with relaxation.

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As you can see in this photo (also via Sang), the drinks are appearing on South Korean store shelves.


    but League doesn't have mana potions anymore...

    kilocalorie... what a weird USA only measurement.

    120 kilocalories = 502 kilojoules (A can of coke is 675kj)

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