Genji’s New Costume Has Overwatch Fans Asking ‘What Are Those?’

Genji’s New Costume Has Overwatch Fans Asking ‘What Are Those?’

It’s a tale as old as time. Overwatch has a new event, and with it, new skins. While the fandom was already hyped for Genji’s Blackwatch skin, they have noticed something interesting: He has goddamn knives on his feet.

Genji Shimada is a robot ninja whose brother tried to kill him — he’s already an edgy guy without needing to be covered in blades. But Overwatch’s Uprising event takes place seven years ago, when he was a bit more moody about the whole “brother tried to murder him” thing, so somehow he’s even edgier. What’s most perplexing to me, and to the fandom, is the decision-making process that led to the knife-foot situation. For what purpose are these knives, Genji? Do they get in the way of everyday life?

Let it be known that this isn’t even the weirdest part of Genji’s robot feet. He has fully articulated toes. Sure!

Overwatch has a history of weird as hell footwear choices for their heroes (Tracer’s Crocs? Sombra’s toe shoes?) but Genji’s knife feet are the most absurd. What are we gonna see next, McCree with cyber cowboy boots and laser spurs?



  • errr. a ninja having toes he can move freely is probably the best thing for his agility and balance. i dont see the issue. f*&k the haters. haters gonna hate.

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