Green Hill Zone's Looking Good In Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces, like Sonic Generations before it, combines classic and modern Sonic the Hedgehog style into one game. And where there is classic Sonic, there is the Green Hill Zone. This one isn't too shabby.

We've seen a little bit of Sonic Forces previously, now here's a taste of some side-scrolling action, due out this holiday season for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Speed? Check. Catchy music? Check. Yes, I think this will do nicely, as long as they keep classic Sonic far away from underwater levels. No one ever liked the underwater levels.



      It's great to see a modern Sonic game getting back to the original Sonic feel ?

    If you like "boost, boost, spring, boost, spring, spring, scripted speed segment, boost, spring".

    Also the physics look terrible, Classic Sonic's gravity is way too heavy and he loses momentum at the drop of a hat or doesn't keep momentum when bouncing on a spring, or doesn't keep his speed after those scripted S-Segment tubes. I could probably go on.

    Also the music is terrible in my opinion.

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      Man, I think the Sonic formula has done its dash (pun only partially intended).

      I still like the Master System/ Mega Drive games for their nostalgia but the gameplay doesn’t hold up by modern standards.
      Sonic was all about playing through levels with repetition until you memorised and then nailed them. First time through you either went way too slowly or spent half the time leaping into off-screen (at the time of your jump) abysses.

      It’s just not that fun anymore. They either design the game so you don’t die often, in which case you feel like you’re being funnelled through (the scripted speed sequences you mentioned); or they make it so you do die…. In which case you need to go really slowly and learn though repetition…. which sucks.

    Why are they are releasing this so close to Sonic Mania? Most people are wary of Sonic games after the last 20 years of spotty releases, to push out two within months of each other is worrying.

    What month is holiday season?

      For the US this starts around Thanksgiving (late Nov) and probably through to the end of Dec. The day after thanksgiving is probably their biggest single shopping day and it's insane. Look up Black Friday crowds on youtube. There is one where all the people push on the roller doors at a store until they break and then all run in wild. Just insane.
      Gave it a try while visiting, I've never seen such silliness. People were shot over parking spots and all sorts.
      It's really strange. Let's all sit around and have a meal and be thankful for all we have. Then we'll all go out and trample people to buy more shit.

    I love replaying Green Hill Zone over and over and over.
    Just like how every Mario game starts with 1-1.... oh wait.

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