Here Is Some Really Good Music From The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

You ever fight a video game boss where the music is so good, you draw the fight out so you can keep listening?

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there's this mini-boss you can go fight in the desert. It's called Molduga, and if you're playing the game normally, you'll probably just stumble into a fight with it. One minute you're cruising through the desert, popping stunts behind your sand seal, the next you'll see a huge health bar at the top of your screen and this music will start playing:

Oh shit, son, it's a sandworm. What are you gonna do? Probably, you're gonna get completely slammed by it once or twice, since you haven't yet figured out how to damage it.

Because you are a cultured individual who has seen Tremors, you know to immediately run to the nearest rock formation. From there, you'll probably work out what to do about Molduga. You can throw stuff (or shoot arrows) onto the sand to attract it. Once it's in midair, what if you hit it with a... bomb arrow?

BAM, it's a hit! Molduga crashes to the earth, vulnerable. The music changes.

Now you've got a proper fight on your hands. The fiddle player is going apeshit, Molduga is chasing you around, and you're finally getting in some hits.

This was the point at which I stopped fighting because I was so into the music. I wondered, do I really need to kill Molduga? Maybe it's just misunderstood. Could a truly evil creature have theme music this good? I'm sceptical.


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