Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe In Australia

This is one of those games. Maybe you had it on the Wii U, so buying it might not be such a huge priority.

But what if there was an awesome deal.

Here's the cheapest copies of the game we've found.

Target: $62

Yes, this is a very good price.

Big W: $69

Not bad!

Mighty Ape: $69

Pretty competitive!

EB Games: $79.95

As always, ask for the price match at EB Games.

OzGameShop: $69.99

Again, this seems to be the standard 'sale' price.

The Gamesmen: $79.95

Might also do the price match? Worth a shot.

e-Shop: $79.95

Not great!

Dungeon Crawl: $65

Great price, particularly if you want to support local Australian retail.

Spot anything better? Let us know in the comments.


    E-Shop is always the worst with Nintendo because they have no idea how online systems should work.

      Nah, they do; they just don't want to change from the ways set by Yamauchi.

        I just assumed they were about 10 years behind everyone else in the online department. They should figure out micro transactions soon then its all downhill :(

          Nah. If you look at how Nintendo operates, some elements have not changed since Yamauchi made it a game company back in the 80s.

          The main one is Nintendo have always tried to keep tight control over the cost of their products. While there are exceptions where they begrudgingly lowered the price, more often than not they will do anything to keep the prices fixed even if the product is phenomenally old.

            Yeah, they don't want a Nintendo product to look 'cheap'. They want the perception to be that Nintendo products have 'value'.

              I bet more people would have bought a Wii U if the price had dropped at some point.

              I was always semi interested in one but I wasn't going to pay more than PS4 for it.

      The price is at RRP on the eShop because they have to be, otherwise physical retailers go ape. Of course those same retailers then undercut the eShop and make it look like the bad guy.

      That said, Nintendo would probably keep it full price even if they had the flexibility.

        I was mostly talking about how if you buy something from Nintendo you have no guarantee that if you lose your console you will ever see that game again.

        In the past they have done stupid things like linking games to hardware rather than accounts.

          Sorry, I missed that.

          They have been doing that since the Wii and in the past I didn't mind as some games I could not get cheaply in physical form (Sin and Punishment for example).

          But the fact that the purchase are not transferable meant when the Wii U came out I only brought over (for the $2 or so fee) the games I really liked.

          It's also the reason why I have a US and Australian 3DS; so I have more of a chance to get the physical copy.

      The PSN store has equally shitty pricing for new games. Not sure about Xbox

      It's more money on all console online stores, as if it was cheaper than a retail store then no one would shop at retail and therefore there would be no reason for stores to sell consoles as they won't make any money from them.
      As someone who works in games in a retail store, we make pretty much no money from consoles, making it from accessories and games instead. If you take the games away then consoles will become more expensive as stores will need to make some kind of money off them to make it worth stocking it in the first place.
      So I think it will be a while until new release online prices go down.

    Just like they say, three years later and the price hasn't dropped at all :P

      It could be 20 years and Nintendo won't drop the price.

    What an absolute cracker of a game!!

    I made the mistake that Switch games wouldnt be discounted and paid the 80 bucks at eb games. Doh!!

      If it helps, while Kotaku don't always write these 'best deal' articles, you can also check (an Australian Nintendo fansite), they tend to always do price roundups of all the popular Nintendo releases.

      There used to be an Australian site that did it for all platforms (Ecogamer?) but they shut down a year or two ago :(

      EB has a 7? day no questions asked refund policy (even if opened, mostly because they come that way, DLC voids this sometimes, but this case its all good). Take it back and re-buy at Target or other ??? profit

      Big W almost always has Nintendo games cheaper at launch. I saved $135 at Switch launch by going there instead of EB. Only had to wait 30min more until they opened.

    This is a game worth paying full RRP for!

    Just goes to show the contempt that EB has for their customers that they will still charge a premium for their games but are prepared to price match their competitors.

      What premium?

        Bugger it. Can't let stupid go unpunished.

        Economics. the excess value of one form of money over another of the same nominal value.
        a sum above the nominal or par value of a thing.

          I asked what premium EB is charging when the nominal value is RRP.

          Contempt: noun. Disregard for something that should be considered. (This definition was chosen as it anthropomorphised EB the least, since it is a company we are discussing...)

          How is offering a price match a disregard for something that should be considered? Being a specialty store, without any other major departments to subsidise the profits on undercutting RRP, it could be argued that EB is showing consideration and not contempt for its customers.

      What premium are they charging? That is literally the RRP.

      Except they dont honor their own price matching policy. Bought a switch+Zelda and they would only price match the game, told me they cant price match hardware. Went to EB again to get Mario Kart on Saturday and asked to price match and they said no. They would only give me $10 off

    Why price match at other stores? If target has the lowest prices, then give them the credit of buying the game there!

      Because EB have a 7 day return, they also give you carrots which give you some sort of benefits I think? Also a good way to use those EB gift cards your rellies give you at birthday and Xmas.

    I pay the eShop price for things for the sheer convenience of the eShop. Saves so much "going places and doing things" energy that it's worth $10-$15 to me.

    My price for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was $69.95 at EB Games which is $10 off after my preorder for the final payment but $80 from the Nintendo eShop not so good but $70 at Big W and Target I say fair enough for me I love Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the graphics are beautiful I even loved playing as the Inkling Boy from Splatoon I'm also happy that Nintendo brought back not only the courses from the Wii U version but DLC courses and I love the return of King Boo and finally Bowser Jr because he wasn't in Mario Kart 8 and now things have changed.
    Thanks Nintendo you are the best.

    eShop purely because my son will want to play this all the time and this way he doesn't have to physically change cartridges.

    It's now ~$62.94 at OzGameShop with the code "MAYHEM" (10% off everything), got an email this morning

    If you use it, you can always redeem flybuys for target and get it cheaper that way. By the time I've done the rest of my Christmas shopping I should get to redeem $30-$40.

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