Here's The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Straight out of the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida today, here's the first trailer for the next Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, which comes out on December 15.

It's an excellent teaser, one that will no doubt be endlessly dissected for the next eight months. It hints at, among other things, some Rey Jedi training action, some Finn healing, some space battles, more Kylo Ren moping, and a darker side of Luke.

"I only know one truth... It's time for the Jedi... to end."


    It looks, ok. Still think Kylo Ren is just a laughable bad guy. I mean sure the actor looks like a guy picked on at school that goes postal but still, lol..

      It looks good, I just hope there is a lot more story to this one. I love getting overloaded with info makes for good rewatches to pick up more from each viewing. It looks like Luke might be walking away from the Jedi order and starting a new path with rey to follow. Time will tell

      Rogue One is what TFA should have been in my opinion!! Fingers crossed for this ...

      He actually did 2 years in the US Marines, volunteered for military service after 9-11. Was honourably discharged just before being shipped to Iraq after breaking his sternum.

      So yeah, braver and stronger than 99.999999999999999% of the people who will bag him on the internet.

        Pretty much one of the most respectable, legit badasses in Hollywood.

          So? He could be the second coming of Bruce Lee and former SAS, does not change the fact that he looks laughable. Imagine Jim Carrey or Sacha Baron Cohan is really a 5th degree black belt in everything anda CIA trained assassin, would not change how they look.

            If you base everything on looks, you're gonna have a bad day. Just remember what Vader looks like under that costume...

              Am just saying that for a bad guy he is not in the least bit imposing. Half expect him to have a pocket protector and calculator stashed away. Maybe he can do my taxes for me.

                That's pretty much half his character though, I don't think people have really thought it through when they consider the character. "Oh he's not really that imposing", really? Well... obviously? He's meant to be a tryhard. He's not up to his Grandads level and he's a wannabe. He's not fully trained and he's clearly just a 'fanboy', not even a full Sith at all. He's more pitiable than fearful, he's someone sure, who can kill someone, but he's not someone who inspires dread the way his grandfather did for example. He requires an Armada to do that for him, whereas Vader merely required his own presence.

                  He's a little bit Ramsey Bolton at the moment. It'll be interesting to see what they can do with him to make him the compelling villain that aforementioned never was.

                  I guess once there'll be Snoke to start throwing his unnecessarily CG weight around too.

                  @jacka indeed. I really hope they're going more prosthetic with Snoke? There's conflicting stories going around from onset that they both built a giant 8 foot tall puppet for Snoke AND they're doing CGI? If it's a mix, I'm ok with that, but hopefully Snoke (God I hate that name) isn't entirely cgi.

              Actually totally explains the mask. No one would take him seriously otherwise. Enemies would just burst out laughing "Noooo please dont audit me!!"

      It's definitely an odd casting choice. He looks more like the son of Severus Snape than his supposed parents, Han and Leia. More Italian looking than anything else. Very weird!

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    Luke's line about the Jedi ending was the only exciting thing for me. I enjoyed the first film but thematically it seemed to be retreading the Star Wars formula of a poor rising hero battling an evil cloaked villain and a battered rebellion taking on he establishment. So the thought of putting an end to the Jedi and steering the mythology in some new directions has me a lot more excited.

      It's likely about the Grey, which has been introduced into canon wisely since Disney took over. The Grey were the first force users, from who the light users and dark users sprang, both extreme polar opposites of the original origins of the Force Users now. I think Luke has discovered lore pertaining this and wants to stop the conflict, returning all Jedi to the original ways.

        Yea I agree, Was saying to my partner I reckon the last Jedi is more in reference to the order as it stands OT and prequels ending, and a move being made towards grey Jedi

          Indeed. I love the idea of this rather than just recycling Light vs Dark over and over and over. It gives the Force users and end goal essentially and closure for the Skywalker family as well.

            It would allow them to break away from your black an white good vs bad structure for future installments as well so I think it would be a good direction to take ?

    Really enjoyed the Jurassic Park theme at the beginning but the rest was just kind of ugh. Might check in a decade from now to see if anything has actually happened.

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